Saturday, September 23, 2006

A nice message from Mia

It’s always a boost when someone writes in to tell me that they enjoyed one of my books. And when my friend Mia Zachary, who writes romantic mysteries, Blazes, and even paranormal, dropped me a line about BAITED, I smiled for hours. Mia reads and writes nearly the same kind of books I do, and she had this to say about my October Bombshell:

"If you're looking to lose several hours, find Crystal Green's BAITED and settle in for a fast-paced, well-plotted read that offers beautiful turns of phrase and unexpected twists!"

Isn’t that nice of her? And wouldn’t that put a big old goofy grin on your face, too? LOL. It definitely made writing my next WIP chapter easier.

If you’ve been reading my work and you like it, I think you’ll enjoy Mia’s work, so check out her websites (Yes—plural!):

Romantic mystery book(s)

Sensual Romance with a Touch of Sass

In Search of the Fiction Fairy

In the meantime, here I go on chapter 22 of BREAK OF DAWN, book 3 in Vampire Babylon. Things are intense right now, as I have 5 chapters left and have to wrap up 1) the main mystery 2) the relationships 3) many, many loose ends regarding everything else. Yiiiiikes.

Hope you’re having a fun weekend.


Y said...

I read the prologue last night! Oooooh, looking forward to getting stuck into it. My TBR pile is HUGE... but your book's just made it to the top of the list! :)

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Cool, y, and thanks! Always glad to know that I've moved up in life and in TBRs. :)