Thursday, September 07, 2006

Question about the BAITED teaser

Karmela Johnson asked me a very good question about the BAITED teaser that's playing on Did I create it? she wondered.

The answer is...nope. I hired a company called COS Productions for this project. Here's the story: When I went to the Romantic Times convention in May, I heard Sheila Clover English, an executive producer at COS, speaking about these videos during a promotion workshop, so I stopped by the company's booth. Truthfully, I've never been so excited about a PR opportunity, so I went for it. COS offers 1) the teaser (as you see with BAITED), which doesn't use actors or 2) a full-blown trailer with characters and actors. I wanted to base my teaser on BAITED's prologue, which really sets the tone for the book and does some of the selling for me. I wrote up a script, Sheila loved it, and we went from there. However, they will do the script based on a synopsis and ideas from the author, so you can go that route, too. However, since I am a control freak, I wanted to give it a go. So what you see in the video is a joint effort: my text and basic structure, and COS's images, sound effects, and detailing.

If you're interested in COS, here's their website:

Also, if you'd like to see the BAITED teaser again, here's the link:

Click here to see the BAITED video!

BTW, Karm told me that she posted the link on the website, and I'm really thankful for that. This is a promotional tool, so if any of you want to do the same on any other sites (or in emails to your friends) you have permission! In fact, I'd be grateful to you, too!!!


Karmela Johnson said...

The teaser is so awesome I embedded it in my blog. Fantastic work! Today=teaser. Tomorrow=the movies!


Y said...

I've put a link on my blog for the BAITED teaser too!

Have a GREAT weekend...

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Oh, wow, you two! Thank you so, so much. :) You don't even know how much I appreciate your spreading the word. In fact, I'm going to send each of you a book, so I'll contact you about getting an address.

Hmmm...if anyone out there is reading this and you put a link up on a Website, yourself, email me with that link and I'll send you a book, too!

Y said...

No prob, you're very welcome! :)