Tuesday, September 05, 2006


And the SMALLVILLE marathon continues.

I just finished season 2 and am eagerly awaiting the delivery of 3 from Netflix. Come on, 'flix! Rush service. Don't you know I need me a fix from 'flix?

Aaaaanyway. I really think SMALLVILLE improved from the first season. Why? Probably because there's more mythology involved. It's funny, because with the X-FILES, I liked the stand-alone episodes more than the shows that added to the alien conspiracy. With SMALLVILLE, it's the opposite: whenever there's another episode about the road to Man of Steel-dom, I'm all a-flutter. Can you imagine me during "Rosetta," the episode with Christopher Reeve as Dr. Swan? Hi, I'm the person sitting on the couch with a lump in her throat as a variation on John Williams' "Krypton" theme from the movies plays in the background, growing, building, until it becomes the full-on real thing. Ah! And then, at the end of the episode, when the music goes, "Dah, dah-duh dah-dah...DAH DAH DUH." I almost cry. It's true.

But when Clark explodes with his newest superpower in "Heat"? Um...hilarious? I might've rewound that little gem about ten times. Yes, it was gross when he was getting all teenage-wiggly while checking out his very inappropriately dressed new biology teacher. And when his heat vision (excuse my French here) SPLOOGED on to the movie screen and set it on fire? Hee--let's rewind that again.

So as I begin season 3, I'm looking forward to a few things I've heard happen: Jensen Ackles (right, Karm?). The appearance of Lois Lane (Cat fights? Oh, please, have it be so!). Brainiac (Spike, Spike, Spike!). And, of course, the delightful sight of seeing Tom Welling fill out even more.

BTW, I've been reading the recaps over at www.televisionwithoutpity.com, and I'll never be able to watch SMALLVILLE the same way again. Ho-yay!

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