Thursday, September 21, 2006


I have finished season 3! I'm just falling more and more in love with this series as it goes along, and I can't believe that I wasn't on board since day one.

Though this season felt pretty uneven to me--great episodes popping up among some fairly boring ones that feature Lana, of course--the big picture is very compelling. Lex is starting to show signs of warping from an anti-hero into a full-fledged monster. (How shiver-inducing was that one ending when Lex told Clark that maybe the bad-guy monster in a prophecy just might be the good guy if you interpreted the story in a different way? Yikes.) Clark's powers are getting collectively stronger, too. And Lionel Luthor is just a baddie. What a great, set-chewing villain.

One of the best episodes showcased Lex as a little boy and revealed what really happened to his dead baby brother. The transitions from present to past in this episode were very theater-esque, with lighting changes signaling the flashback. It gave the plot a tragic, Shakespearean feel. In fact, this episode was one of my favorites because it made Lex into The Joker from THE KILLING JOKE. (If you haven't read this Alan Moore graphic novel, find it. Now. Yes, it's brutal--and I don't say that lightly--but it broke my heart. I'll never look at the Joker's manic smile in the same way again, and when Heath Ledger said that his Joker in the next Batman movie, THE DARK KNIGHT, is "all about the eyes," he's got it. He understands THE KILLING JOKE, and he's going to nail that part.) This SMALLVILLE episode planted just one more seed of pain in Lex's backstory, and it's going to be pure agony to see him descend into the Lex of the future.

Guess who my favorite character is?

Anyway, Tom Welling is improving with each season. I particularly enjoy it when he gets to play it dark. I'm not necessarily talking about the red kryptonite episodes, either--those can be cheesy and kind of squicky. I'm talking about when *Clark* gets angry.

And I enjoyed "Kara from Krypton" too, though I wish they'd have left the door open for Supergirl. (I'm reading the new Supergirl: The Girl of Steel comics right now. Interesting stuff.)

So I'm waiting for season 4. Looking forward to Lois Lane coming to town. How are they going to work *that* into the mythology?


Y said...

You know, I never got into this show... though I eventually realised Jensen Ackles was in it for a while! ;)

Glad you're enjoying it... how many seasons are there anyway? And how does Lois Lane figure into things when he's not even in the big city yet? You'll have to let me know.


Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Y! I just watched the first episodes of season 4, and Jensen is right there! He's cute as a button, too, but he's Lana's boyfriend which makes things less appealing. (Sorry--I think Lana might even be below Meredith Grey in terms of how much I enjoy her.) I like how Lois Lane came into the picture; she's not interested in reporting but she's come to town to solve the mystery of a missing person--someone who is very close to her. The girl who plays Lois is great, and I wish she'd kick Lana out of town and take over all the hours devoted to *that* character!

Eh-hem. Anyway.

Season 6 of SMALLVILLE is just about to air, and it shows no sign of slowing down since it's a top show on its network.