Sunday, September 03, 2006

Top five songs on iTunes

Just in case you want to know what I'm listening to these days, I decided to blurt out my top five. Naturally, this does not include the other 117 songs I have on my list so far (I'm just getting started!), but there's time to share those in the future.

Most played:

5. RAMALAMA (BANG BANG) by Roisin Murphy
I fell for this extremely strange yet catchy tune when it was featured on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. The choreography was so fun and creepy, showing us a sort of zombie ball, that I ran to iTunes and downloaded, quick as you please. Imagine my glee when I discovered that the song stands on its own and, without the dancing to distract, actually has some colorfully odd lyrics to decode.

4. WE USED TO BE FRIENDS by The Dandy Warhols
I just love this group, period, but this is one of their most rousing tunes for me. It really makes me want to bop around with its playful beats and phrasing. You might have heard it since VERONICA MARS uses it as its theme song.

3. CRAZY by Gnarls Barkley
How can you not move to this tune??? It's cool and evocative, bringing to mind a bitching lounge where a singer is pouring out his heart into a microphone while you sip a martini and chill. And then you dance.

2. STRICT MACHINE by Goldfrapp
Yes, this is the song Verizon uses to advertise their chocolate phone (or whatever it's called: I'm busy listening to the music) but don't get all high-minded about how Goldfrapp "sold out"--just enjoy this techno smooth eighties-type ditty. It's seriously as addictive as chocolate.

1. TENDER IS THE NIGHT by Jackson Browne
An oldie but goodie and a song that just happens to be one of my favorites EVER. Hauntingly poetic lyrics coupled with a restrained be-bop groove, it'll bring back thoughts of your more innocent days. I play it over and over again. Can't help it.


Karmela Johnson said...

Hey CHris, I accidentally deleted the email you sent me and I responded to you via your website's "Contact Crystal" page. Just making sure you got it.

And ditto about Ramalama. Love that song.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Got it. And Ramalama is crazy. :)