Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hiro's sword

Yeah, that sounds lovely, doesn't it? But before I do a TV Report Card for this season, I wanted to write about this majorly cuckoo dream I had the other night.

Now, just a note. I used to keep a dream diary. I don't anymore--I'm busy enough writing stuff and sometimes I get up in the middle of the night anyway to scratch down notes about what's waking me up--but when I look back at my old dream diary, I kind of miss doing it. During my journaling, I even went as far as to do research about what the dream symbolism meant. I read Jung and that's why I know that my animus is active, but that's a whole other story. In fact, it'll probably be a book one day.

At any rate, this dream I had the other night is worthy of a diary entry. I had watched HEROES a little earlier, and I guess it set me off for some reason. You know how that show has absolutely killer cliffhangers? Well, the one this week was far less thrilling than usual (whereas the one the week before was incredibly cool, with a character named Hiro visiting from the future where he has become this ultra bad- ass samurai dude). As I floated off to sleep, I kept thinking, "Did I miss something in this week's ending that should be *making* it a bitchin' cliffhanger? What did I miss then?"

I guess my brain got to work on decoding whatever it was that I "missed." I remember waking up, startled, to see an image on my far wall: it looked like a wicked samurai sword. I kid you not. And I remember thinking in sleep-addled fuzz: "What does this mean? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN???" I kept waking up to that image.

Ultimately, I have no idea what it means, and don't you dare think it's Freudian. Just because it's a sword....


Y said...

Wow, C! This show must be super cool to set your brain off even while you were sleeping! :)

Y'know, I've just looked it up and it sounds very interesting. Except, we won't get it down here until next year... if at all.

And you know, it's funny that you mentioned a sword! I've been doing a lot of research about swords lately... and they seem to be in almost everything I watch or read. :/

Have a GREAT weekend!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Y--since you're a pop culture person, too, it must test your patience to have to wait to get these American programs that flood the Internet. Since HEROES is doing well ratings-wise, I wouldn't be surprised if you all get to see it next year. Fingers crossed for you.

How cool--sword research. That sounds fun, and I'm intrigued by what kind of book you're writing...!

Hope your week is the best. :)