Tuesday, October 10, 2006

VERNONICA MARS--watch reminder!

It's time for my seasonly VERONICA MARS nagging message. Yup--I'm here to remind you to watch it tonight on the CW. Sorry I didn't get around to my neverending rah-rahs last week for the season premiere, but I'm doing it today, Tuesday, so you'll tune in and help boost the ratings for this woefully underwatched show.

Last season, I provided a list regarding the reasons you should be watching VM, which basically has the updated noirish feel of a forties detective flick, mixed with the biting dialogue of a Hepburn/Grant movie. As a heroine, Veronica is wily yet occasionally vulnerable, tough-skinned yet soft-hearted. And she slings some of the best one-liners you will ever hear.

I won't go into the same list for this season, but I will tell you why I'm excited about this third go around with Veronica. The action has moved from high school to college, and this gives our girl a chance to make new enemies. Her interaction with and disdain of the collegiate status quo are refreshing--she's cool enough to be an insider, yet she wears her outsider ranking like a badge (mainly to piss people off). Also, this year's rape-on-campus long-range mystery looks to be compelling.

If you're afraid to tune in because you think you're not going to understand what's going on, don't worry. You'll get it. There are a bunch of new characters being introduced, so even us old timers are feeling a bit like newbies. Now's the perfect time to discover this awesome show. Please watch, because I don't want one of my biggest viewing pleasures to be cancelled. 'kay?


Y said...

This show always sounded interesting, especially since Stephen King mentioned he enjoyed it! ;) But what's happened here in Oz is that the channel that plays it, messes around with it all the time. So, there was no point in getting stuck into it.

I hate it when the channels do that... don't even get me started on how they stuffed around with HOUSE! :/

Oh, and I was finally able to post my review over at Amazon for BAITED! Cool!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, y! That really stinks about the scheduling. This can *kill* a program! Luckily VERONICA MARS is on DVD, so if you ever feel like a marathon.... :)

Thank you for your Amazon BAITED review! You are wonderful.