Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Karm wants to talk about HEROES, so here we go!

Thar be SPOILERS ahead....

Last night's episode validated my enthusiasm for this series. Not that this doesn't happen each week, but every time a commercial break cut into the action I was like, "Damn! Hurry back!" and also "This is soooo good!" The pacing is spot on, giving us answers while laying out groundwork and clues for future twists and turns. For instance, what's with Mohinder's dead sister? (And does that have something to do with an emerging power for him--or would that be Soccer Boy?) Also, there was a mention of how Horn Rimmerd Glasses Man came to adopt Claire; a result of a nasty death? Then there's Pixie (as Television Without Pity calls her). Does this chick have powers in her whispers? Also, what was she when Horn Rimmed Glasses Man first found her?

I liked how Horn Rimmed Glasses Man got lots of screen time: he's a fun enigma. Is he genuinely a good guy or just a good liar? It seems like he really does love Claire, but he's so shady. I don't know but, friends, this is a very decent villain. That's how you make 'em interesting.

My favorite parts of the episode, however, showcased Hiro. I loved how he hit it off with Memory Waitress Girl. But then--yiiiiiiiikes!!!!! Holy crumb, did you see when her head got bleched? Well done, writers and director--very, very well done.

Then...that creepy-ass cliffhanger: the picture with Hiro and the waitress. I got shivers looking at that thing. Poor Ando, worrying about his time-bending friend. What adventures did Hiro find with the waitress, and how much will they have affected him once he returns?

Next up: Homecoming. I'm a little afraid for Claire, you all.


Karmela Johnson said...

My thoughts:

There are too many HEROES!!! We get introduced to two more new ones??? I'm having a hard enough time keeping track of the old ones! Plus, I want their stories to proceed! I'm so into Tyler Durden and shape-shifting man's story, not to mention their Super MakeABrokenPhoneWork Kid that I don't think I really appreciated last night's ep because I was missing SuperFamily.

AND, where is my love Peter??? I missed him and his bangs! I missed him shirtless walking around in his apartment.


Mohinder is back!!! Sigh... What a hot, hot, HOT man. Beautiful. I want to mud-wrestle naked with him. DH had to hit me upside the head cause I wouldn't stop swooning over him.

So, more heroes. Mohinder is one? ANd so is Pixie? If this keeps up, I'm going to be needing a visual aid/chart to keep everyone straight.

I do love Steven Carrington though. I agree that he seriously seems to love Claire. So why won't he tell her that he knows about her secret powers?

But that Sylar. ::shivers:: How come though that the other restaurant patrons fail to notice that there's a faceless man in their midst?

I love this show. I love watching it just as much as I love to whine about it.

I want to have a threesome with Peter and Mohinder though. I might have to add them to my Top Five, which at this point is populated only by two hotties (M. Vartan and J. Ackles).

Okay, I'm not really talking about HEROES, am I?

Back to the show.

I love Memory Girl! She's so cute. And I have no doubt that Hiro saved her. I dunno...I find his story line the least compelling of all, probably because he's...well...happy. Who wants a happy, untortured hero? Heh.

I love the face he makes though.

I think those are all my thoughts on the show. Oh, wait! Agent Sean's storyline! I'm so glad he's found a kindred spirit in Radioactive Man. Doesn't RM remind you of the goatboy sketch from Saturday Night Live of way back?

I'm meandering again.

Karmela Johnson said...

PS: We're discussing you at the eHarlequin Bombshell boards. Sheri Whitefeather is telling us all about your Dark Side. Hehe...

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Karm, I'm with you on the Mohinder hotness (meandering...but that's okay!). You know how I feel about Peter's bangs. They drive-a-me nuts! But he could grown on me. I say add them to you list of five, girl.

Doesn't RM remind you of the goatboy sketch from Saturday Night Live of way back?
OMG. LOL. Too funny.

You're right--there are a *lot* of heroes and I do want the ones we already know to come together already!!! I'm hoping "Homecoming" will be the start of that. After all, the title itself signals a sort of gathering, right?

I don't know why Steven Carrington/Horn Rimmed Glasses would keep what he knows from Claire. Maybe he's taking his job to the extreme and truly "observing" her kind, as he's supposed to do?

Maybe Sylar is faceless in the way that allows him to assume any facade he wishes? Just a guess.

And whining is a fan's pleasure. :)

Crystal Green's Blog said...

I'm off to the eharlequin boards right now to defend my honor!!! LOL

Y said...

Okay... I had to stop myself from reading this post! :( As you know, we don't have HEROES here yet. Don't even know if we'll get it... and I watched the first 10 minutes of the first episode over at YouTube and REALLY enjoyed it!

Darn, it sucks being behind! :/

But on another note - how you been, C?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

That's right--HEROES isn't on yet. Next year? In the meantime, you definitely don't want to spoil yourself because this program has lots of fun twists and turns. :)

Thanks for asking how things are going. I'm four chapters away from finishing THE ULTIMATE BITE (my vampire Blaze). It's going smoothly, thank goodness. And I get to see my family for Thanksgiving, so I'm *very* excited about that. I miss my nephew and niece so much.

How are you doing? I'm going to check your blog as soon as I take care of business today....

Have a great one!