Tuesday, November 28, 2006

HEROES flashback

So last night was the flashback show. Doesn't it seem like every program needs to have one of those now because LOST has done it so well?

But I suppose when you have a hero who can mess with time and space, you gotta go flashback. Speaking of our fun, wonderful, time-bending Hiro, I was really surprised that he couldn't save Charlie. And you know what? I love it! I mean, I don't love that Charlie is and always would've been a goner, but I love that this is a program that'll carry out a bad situation to its end: hopefully this shows that the writers won't be pulling punches. (Yes, I'm talking about you, ALIAS. As much as I adored the show, how many times did they bring someone back from the dead? Pretty soon, a viewer stops caring about the twists and turns because they know that there won't be any consequences. Having said that--dammit, I miss Syd and the gang!)

Back to HEROES. It was interesting to see how Sylar evolved, and I think his clock-psyche is fascinating. Tick tick tick, the dude is a time bomb. He's also able to suck the powers from those he kills, and that's scary.

Hate to say it, but Matt the cop is boring the tar out of me.

However, I'm more intrigued by Niki/Jessica after finding out who Jessica really was. I quite enjoy the concept of a hero whose repressed superpowers only come out in a buried personality (unless we discover that Jessica is some kind of spirit who has possessed Niki--that would be taking the Hulk thing in a cool direction).

I'm eager to get back to the present, though, to see the aftermath of "Homecoming." What's going to happen with Sylar and Horn Rimmed Glasses now? And which of our heroes are going to come together and stay together?

Most importantly, what is this twist that the promos are shouting about???


angela said...

I agree.. Monday night's episode was great!
I loved that they finally gave us some answers about Niki/Jessica and Sylar. (Lost could learn a thing or two.)

Karmela Johnson said...

Okay, are ya really interested in some spoilers??? Tell me 'cause I got me some.

NIKI/JESSICA: Now we know the source of her split personality. Makes a ton of sense since I've always heard about these kids who develop alternate personalities to cope with witnessing a trauma. Her superpower though is not the split personality, but the superstrength. But why does it only come out with Jessica and not Niki?

AGENT SEAN/AGENT WEISS/MATT: Yep. Booooring. And he can't take the test because he can't read? Cali is one of the most enlightened places when it comes to dyslexia. Take an auditory test, asswimp!

DADDY CHEERLEADER: So. Is he good? Is he bad? Seems like he too knows about the existence of the superbeings. But unlike the naive, hopeful Dr. Suresh, he seems to have had the foresight to surround himself with SuperMinions. I was kind of annoyed at Dr. Suresh about this. I mean, if you're going to be chasing after Superbeings, how naive of you to think that some of them won't be wishing you harm. Wait, does that make sense?

PETER v. SYLAR: So. They both have the same superpowers, eh? The ability to absorb others' powers? Only Peter absorbs through presence alone (spiritual?) and Sylar absorbs through observing the mechanics of the superbrain (science?). Are they setting us up for a Peter v. Sylar SuperBattle? Speaking of Milo Ventimiglia, do you know that he is cast as Stallone's son in the next Rocky movie? ::drool:: I can't wait to see him shirtless!!! Rowr.

MOHINDER: Where, oh where was my Sexylicious Eye Candy???

NATHAN: It seems as if his superpower protected him from harm, just like...

HIRO: Hiro's powers protected him from harm too. He *couldn't* save Charlie because it would then create a rift. If he saved her, then he'd be stuck in the past because why then would he have needed to travel back if she remained alive? Very nice adherence to common sense, these writers. And I'm glad Charlie bit it. Hiro was just WAY TOO HAPPY. I can't have a cheerful superhero.

MIND-CONTROL GUY vs. NIKI'S HUSBAND: THey're two different people, right? Why did they cast two very dark-skinned, completely bald men in the show? Is it to deliberately confuse us? That's just like casting two of Rod Stewart's ex-wives in the same show.

And I actually didn't like Monday's episode. I want to move FORWARD, not back, even though we got Sylar's history. Still doesn't explain why he's the way he is. Maybe his dad always told him he was worthless or something. But I want the Big Battle already! Onward, heroes!

Okay, this post is way too long.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hi, Angela! LOL about LOST learning a thing or two. I'm champing at the bit for more answers, too. There're so many questions to address that I don't even know where to start anymore. :)

Karm! I'm spoiler girl, so you know it's always okay. Thanks for spoiler warnings for anyone who wants to protect themselves.

I'm wondering more and more if superheroine Jessica has somehow evolved and possessed Niki (because the heroes are a part of evolution, right?). Otherwise, Niki is The Hulk in lace to me....

What you said about Dr. Suresh does make sense. He seems pretty naive about visiting superpeople. Doesn't the guy read comics, for heaven's sake? Doesn't he know that they're not all good people (although if his theory is that Mother Nature has introduced heroes into the world to balance the scales against evil, maybe he *would* be thinking they're all good?)?

I like your take on Sylar versus Peter (science versus emotion). In this last episode, they were careful to point out that Peter is "empathic" and that's why he would make a good hospice nurse. They were also putting Gabriel Gray's clockwork/mechanical life in our faces. (Almost like Luke Skywalker's inner force and Darth Vader's machine-like existence! Far be it from me to find a STAR WARS reference in every single angle though.) Introducing those opposites really is a big set up for a showdown....

Yeah, I'm not really getting why they cast two bald guys, either. Maybe there's a big plot point there and it'll bear fruit later? LOL about Rod Stewart's wives.

And that post was just perfect, Karm. It's fun to HeroTalk!