Tuesday, November 21, 2006

HEROES watch

I guess I allowed all the Internet hype to pump me up about last night's show. What a mistake, because I feel somehow underwhelmed.

Crazy, huh? Because so much happened--however, it didn't seem to happen until the last half. I kept hoping they'd just stick with Peter and Claire and the whole "homecoming" storyline. Every time they flashed to Highly Dysfunctional Hero Family, I got a little restless.

Still--great payoffs near the end! At first, Sylar seemed to resemble Peter Petrelli, but that was just a trick of light, I'm sure. And Sylar going after Claire was pretty damn exciting. But I wonder when we're going to find out how saving "the cheerleader" will result in saving the world. Also, I thought Homecoming might be the night when Peter received that scar Hiro referred to.

Obviously, there's a lot left to come. I only wish we'd get more of the heroes together because the show flies when that happens.

In the meantime, I'm off to edit THE ULTIMATE BITE. Three more chapters left, friends. I'm getting end-of-the-book restless here. Next up for me? Enjoying the holidays, working on a couple of proposals and a short vampire story for Amazon Shorts, and dealing with PR for the February release of NIGHT RISING....


Y said...

Hi C!

How you doing?

You've got me totally intrigued by THE ULTIMATE BITE! When will we find out some more about this book? And NIGHT RISING... I can't wait! Vamps rock!!! :D

Anyway, I hope you get through the last three chapters, and I know exactly what you mean about getting to the end.

I'm still working on my Nano novel - which I'm hoping to pass the 60k mark today, BTW! And a few other smaller tales that are building up inside my head. Did I tell you I sold two stories to Cobblestone Press? I'm SO excited! Yay!

Have a GREAT day.

PS. Still can't join the HEROES chatter... :/

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, y!

First--CONGRATS on your sales!!! Let us know here when those will be available, okay? And good job on that Nano novel. You're kickin' butt.

I'm doin' good. Today I'm revising and tomorrow it'll be the last ULTIMATE BITE chapter! Thanks for being excited about the releases. (Eeek!)

I don't know if this is available to those who live outside the U.S. but I know www.nbc.com airs a lot of their programs online, including HEROES.... :)

You have a great one, too, y.

Y said...

Hi C!

THANKS, I'll let you know for sure! I'm so excited!

Thanks for the link too, I just had a look over at nbc.com and it looks like the eps aren't available for those out of the US. Probably copyright issues or something like that. It's alright. Just gonna have to wait.

And of course I'm excited about your releases! You're an awesome writer. Love your books. And vampires rock!!

Have a GREAT weekend! :)

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Y, thank you! You're such a great supporter. You know how much I appreciate that. :) I'm just about to blog about THE ULTIMATE BITE, so it's not like HEROES where you won't want to read it yet!

Can't wait to hear more of your news when the time comes....