Sunday, November 26, 2006

I've been ultimately bitten

It's done. Phew! I finished the rough draft for THE ULTIMATE BITE yesterday. I've told you before that this will be the first vampire-themed Blaze, placed in the Extreme flash line. (Basically, Extreme presents Blazes that you wouldn't necessarily be expecting, but even though their premises are "extreme"--vampires, superheroines who have lost their powers, assassins, some aliens!--they still have that hot stuff you always get from this line.)

When I first presented the idea to my Blaze editor, Brenda Chin, she said, "Yes!!! Cool idea. Let's do it!" A vampire who has bitten so many women that he accidentally bites the same one again is a solid "hot" premise, especially since said victim turned into a steamy siren after that bite. Her sexuality was stoked, and she hasn't found anything that even remotely lives up to the bite since it happened: the men she dates don't have a chance, and it's only when vampire Stephen shows up again that her libido gets what it wants. But this is also a love story, so there's more to their attraction. It grows into something neither of them expect, and that's where the emotion gets heavy.

You all know that I can't just write a simple vampire: Stephen had to have a background that made me want to be with him day after day. He had to interest me beyond just being a creature of the night (though that's pretty cool in and of itself). He has a gang--a ragtag vampire "family." I can't go into their history--that's for you to read--but it was totally entertaining to create. My critique partner, Sheri Whitefeather, said their lair reminded her of THE LOST BOYS and, indeed, that was an inspiration, although that's not what I'm writing. Let's just say these vampires collected a lot during their long, long lives--and there's a good reason for what they collected.

The heroine, Kim, was lots of fun. Again, Sheri said, "She reminds me of a softer Bombshell." LOL. That is to say, Kim is a vampire hunter of sorts, but not a major action/adventure heroine. Nope, she hunts via the Internet with her own gang. They're more "geeks" with a passion than hardcore vamp hunters, and they have a Web site devoted to their pursuits, plus a pirate radio show. They call themselves The Van Helsing League, and like Mulder, they truly believe "the truth is out there." But they hardly have the same resources.

So...when the vampire and the hunter get together, they get hot in the city: Las Vegas. It's the perfect place for vampires because vacationing victims have a "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" mentality, getting themselves into situations more dangerous than they'd probably tolerate in their normal lives.

And there you go. I had fun writing the sex-then-love scenes and even though it's a "different type of Blaze" I think it's what I'd like to read within the subgenre, myself.

Write what you like, yes?


Y said...

WOW -- sounds AWESOME, C! I love the premise! Do you have a release date yet? I mean, you've only just done the rough draft, so I suppose there's still a while...

Y'know, I keep reading in blogs etc. that vampires are overdone and the market's saturated with them, but I DON'T agree. Actually, if I see the word vamp in a book, I'm usually drawn to it!!!

And BTW, THE LOST BOYS was one of the reasons I got so caught up on vamps. I *LOVE* that movie!

Have a GREAT day!!!!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Thank you, y! THE ULTIMATE BITE is scheduled for July, 2007, and for a December deadline, that's pretty tight slotting.

I keep reading the same about vampires being overdone, but I hope they're wrong. MAJOR hope. Truthfully, it seems like paranormal packaging (covers, etc.) are getting a lot of quality attention, and publishing houses don't invest that kind of time in losing propositions.

I LOVE THE LOST BOYS, too. Holy moly. Every time I watch it, I enjoy those clever plot twists. People tend to dismiss popcorn movies as a waste of effort, but I think it takes a lot to thoroughly entertain people as much as LOST BOYS does....

You have a great one, too, y, and have fun with those stories!