Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm finally done with the fourth season DVDs for SMALLVILLE. Truthfully, I'm well into season five now because when I watched the season finale for four, I couldn't stop. So far, I'm absolutely riveted by season five, with the emphasis on Clark's growth into Superman--everything has accelerated and taken on great urgency.

But, back to season four. (Tune out now because there will be copius SPOILERS.) I thought everything started off with a real bang when we got to see Clark actually fly. (Yes!) And then the finale??? Sweet. Dorky me didn't realize that the elemental stones were going to result in the creation of the Fortress of Solitude. Now that was cool. I love Chloe's evolution, too--she's become more than just a biting faux-Lois Lane (or will she somehow turn out to be the real thing...?). As a matter of fact, everytime Chloe and Clark are on screen together, I'm very happy. When they're allowed to banter and work off of each other during "missions," the show spins into orbit. I also like the introduction of Lois Lane. Erica Durance has that flint and spark you'd expect of the character, and I hope the writers develop her accordingly.

While the payoff for the elemental stones ended with a bang (and the Fortress of Solitude), I can't say I loved everything else we had to go through with those darn stones--especially the whole Lana-possessed-by-a-witch thing. God. The only positive development in that storyline was the introduction of Jason and Genevieve Teague, the most lethal mother-son con team since THE GRIFTERS. Jason was just the guy to give Clark a run for his money with Lana, and Jenson Ackles brought some much-needed romantic chemistry to the program (though I'd guess that he would have chemistry with everything from the front door to a hamburger. He oozes chemistry.).

Unfortunately, I know that something MAJOR happens during season five--the death of a big character. I'm bummed that I've been spoiled, but it's not taking away my enjoyment of what's happening so far....

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