Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another HEROES

Great pacing, cool twists, and the heroes are finally starting to come together! Did you all love last night's episode? Or was it lacking after all the hype?

I'm pretty content. Just some impressions:

Jessica is a bad ass. If I were that cop to whom Niki is turning herself in? I would be a scared little running man.

LOL--the Haitian got to Zach and Mom and Lil Bro and...not Claire!!! Oh, Horn Rimmed Glasses, you are a tasty piece of work.

Hah--Hiro's sword returns! (May I direct you to my blog of a couple months ago? You know, the one in which I dreamed of Hiro's sword?) And...a dinosaur? Whaaaa's that?

OMG--Hiro gave Isaac the Spock sign and Isaac immediately stops saying Hiro's name with a Japanese accent. Anyone remember that old Saturday Night Live skit where everyone in an office keeps using a Mexican accent whenever they say "taco" or "burrito"? That's Issac--a walking skit.

Who does Horn Rimmed Glasses man report to anyway?

Ack! Eden? What happened there? Why...how...? I thought Sylar didn't have powers in that room, yet he shattered the glass and scooped her right up? I had to have missed something. (Sorry--I was unpacking at the time, though I was trying hard to pay attention. Multitasking: it is the cloth of my life.)

And the ending. Peter. Oh, Peter. First, I thought it was great that he was the Man on Fire, but when I realized that he could explode, I got sad. So very sad. Peter has grown on me, and I'm going to go off on that in a few seconds. But first: did Claire whisper that she was sorry? Did she do something to make Peter into The Flame? Or was she just expressing a basic "I'm sorry" for what was about to happen?

Just a tangent here: some of the hero men are making my hot list.

* Mohinder - hot accent. Clipped British yumminess. I just wish he had a deeper voice, you know?
* Isaac - but only when he's in the shadows. Not so much hotness in the light. That sounds terrible, but what I mean is that he's more mysterious in the dark while wrapped in a blanket. In the light, he's kind of slender and has quite the stubbled baby face. I like Dark Art-eest better.
* Horn Rimmed Glasses - Loved the look on his face after Sylar went all turbo MY-NAME-IS-SYLAR-HEAR-ME-ROAR on him. Horn Rimmed Glasses's response? A quietly mocking smile. Hot. Is it wrong to find Claire's dad on my list?
* Peter- Okay, I'm coming around to little bow-legged Petrelli. At first I thought he and his bangs were a tad foppish, but I realized something about Peter: He's more Superman than the current Clark Kent of SMALLVILLE is. The well-earned iconic "Boy Scout" nickname applies more to earnest and selfless Peter than it does to the exhaustingly whiny Clark Kent (though I'm hoping that'll change this season. But right now it seems that SMALLVILLE is more interested in the Green Arrow and Lex/Lana than developing Clark. sigh).

Anyway, I'm going to miss my HEROES for over a month. Ahhh! I just realized how long that is....


angela said...

Yeah, I'm going to have to re-watch the old episodes to get my fix this month. :(
But my favorite Hero, Peter, is going to be in the upcoming Rocky movie.. I may watch it just for him. lol

Karmela Johnson said...

Okay, my comments:

1. I cannot believe they off'd Eden!!! The heroic gender imbalance is already way, way off. Now there are only two!

2. What is that card Eden hands Isaac with the cell phone? Is it Hiro's number? If it is, how does Eden know Hiro? If not, how does Isaac know Hiro's number? Presumably, even if he wrote it down, it should be in his apartment.

3. I know about Sylar having powers in that room, right? I understood that the Haitian negated his powers (in which case, Eden was stupid to have gone in there without Baldie), but why didn't Sylar try to escape before Eden went in by herself if he had powers all along?

4. Peter. Sigh. Lurve him. What a hero.

Something inside of me is preventing me from totally committing to this show. It's the X-Files/Lost syndrome. I'm so afraid to be disappointed again and be left hanging without explanations. I also don't want any inconsistencies. So Monday's ep? Meh.

You know what's really rivetting me? Survivor. Love that Yul. And The Amazing Race. I know they won't leave me hanging.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Angela! I see Milo has no bangs in the ROCKY BALBOA previews!!! I agree about maybe popping into the theater just to catch him in a different role. I don't watch GILMORE GIRLS, but I guess he's got a following from that show? :)

Karm, that's true about the lack of female heroes. And one of those heroes might just turn out to be a villain (unless Jessica becomes an anti-hero who works with the heroes when it suits her).

Re: Hiro's number. Hmmm. Because of unpacking, I wasn't watching close enough, but does Horn Rimmed Glasses have Hiro's number from his own Hero List? Maybe? You're right about Isaac not having Hiro's number with him.

Yeah--why DID Sylar wait to escape until Eden came in? Plot requirements? :)

Oh, man, I hope HEROES isn't setting us up for a disappointment. I'm going to go with having faith that it won't, because the ride has been lots of fun so far. It's such an iffy thing with the networks nowadays though: THE NINE was just yanked and I'm pretty ticked about that. Why even start with these programs? Gah!

I didn't watch SURVIVOR this year, but AMAZING RACE is hardly ever a let down (only the family edition, LOL). Trouble with AR is that I don't know who to root for now that the Brothers Cho are gone....

angela said...

My thoughts on Sylar waiting to break the glass till Eden came in... was to wait for her to come to him so he could steal her powers. I don't think he can get out. (She had to type in a number to even get in the outer room).
In the previews for next months episodes, it shows Claire's dad telling the Haitian to erase Sylar's memory. So, I'm taking that to mean he hasn't escaped.. just succeeded in getting Eden killed.
The online comic deals with this.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Angela sheds light! Thanks for clarifying. I've been curious about the online comic, and you make a case for going over to check it out. Of course, I literally have about 20 comic titles (not just individual issues) waiting for me to read them, so I'll have to prioritize, LOL. Maybe I can catch up on them all before 1/22, eh?

Thanks again, Angela!

angela said...

No problem.. the online comics are super short though. You could get through them all in a few minutes. It's just like a recap & further explanation of the previous night's episode.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Excellent, Angela. I'm off to check that out! :)