Monday, December 11, 2006

Be there or be l=l

Hmmm--that symbol in the title is supposed to be a square, but alas, I am such a computer halfwit that I don't know how to make the proper shape. Oh, well--at least it looks like a TIE fighter.

Two things:

First, this Wednesday the 13th, is having an open house. Starting at 7pm Pacific Time, there'll be live chats with author visits and giveaways. I'll be there from 7-10pm, representing all three of my lines. Here's the schedule:

7pm - "home and hearth" lines: Special Edition
8pm - "passion" lines: Blaze
9pm - "intrigue and adventure" lines: Bombshell

I guess this will be somewhat of a wake for Bombshell, but lots of authors are scheduled to be there. I hope you guys will visit, too.

Second, I'm very proud of myself for *finally* putting up a MySpace page this weekend! It's for Vampire Babylon, but I'm thinking of making a more personal page as well. If you're on MySpace, please add me to your friend list, as I'm very manic about collecting them at the moment. Seriously, I've become an addict. Here's the addy:

Hope to see you all around!

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