Sunday, December 31, 2006

Guest blogger: Samanthan Hunter!

I invited my friend and fellow Blaze author Samantha Hunter to guest blog here, and I'm so happy she took me up on it! Sam has a book out this January--this month!--and it's one I've been waiting to read ever since I heard the premise. Basically, UNTOUCHED centers around a superheroine who has lost her powers. Now, I know a lot of you watch HEROES, so I think this is a book you might really enjoy.

Sam has also contributed to January's contest on my site, so as soon as updates are complete, you might want to click over there to enter. In the meantime, enjoy Sam's blog.

And Happy New Year!!! Be safe during your fun tonight, okay?'s Sam!

Putting the “Super” back in Fiction. . . .

Thanks to Chris for letting me pop in! Happy New Year to everyone – I hope you all have a fantastic 2007. Of course, with Chris’s new book coming out, it’s off to a great start. Of course, I’m looking forward to it because it’s a paranormal, a genre that is so popular now because we love those larger-than-life heroes. Paranormal is putting the “super” back in fiction that perhaps got a little too “real” a lot of the time.

It seems like in the last ten years or so, there was a big push for everything in fiction to be real, like real life, or factual. Readers critique stories according to whether they have their facts right, or how they compare to ‘real life.” Writers research their fingers to the bone. Everything is supposed to have that ring of “real” but not for me. Give me the fantasy.

Personally, I read to escape. Calgon, take me away. No mistake, I enjoy my real life and I have a full one. But what ever happened to the experience of sitting down and getting lost in a world that is woven from the imagination, in a place and with people that are obviously not real, but wonderful anyway? I think the paranormal boom shows we not only want this, we need it.

My January Blaze, Untouched, is an Extreme Blaze with a “super” theme, as well. It’s about a superheroine who loses her powers and has to adapt to normal life with the help of a handsome CIA agent, and it was a blast to write. I’m heavy into superheroes, always have been. Anyone remember the Saturday morning show SHAZAM!? LOL Now I’ve aged myself. But it goes that far back.

I think my interest in paranormal romance is really an extension of the fact that I’m just a sucker for any character with super powers, whether they’re vampires or vampire hunters, psychics, handsome guys with x-ray vision, whatever. I love it all.

There’s very little in the world that hasn’t been prodded into or studied, and we deal with a flood of facts all the time. So I think the imagination is one of the great mysteries left to us, and I hope it stays that way. The imagination is everyone’s super power, really, available to everyone, and it’s where everything else comes from. Superman wouldn’t exist, nor would Buffy, nor Wolverine (not to mention air flight, The Constitution, and penicillin) without the human imagination.

And that’s probably what I like best about superheroes – they represent, in many ways, what’s extraordinary about human beings and human qualities, both in the characters and in their creation. As different or wild as they may be, they are ultimately human.

What are your favorite paranormal, fantasy or superhero characters? What do you love about them? When’s the last time you got so soaked into a fantasy that the house could have fallen down around you, and you would have cared less?

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