Saturday, December 02, 2006


So I'm visiting my brother, sis-in-law, and adorable nephew and niece. I turned in THE ULTIMATE BITE Friday, so I get a couple of days to relax. Ahhhh, nice.

The N&N are scampering over the backyard grass, my nephew grabbing every cottoned dandelion he can find when I remember something from my childhood: those stems can look really cool if you shuck off the head, peel the stem into strips until the two sides meet in the middle, then stick the entire thing in water.

Did you do this as a kid?

I was hoping I hadn't just dreamed this activity, because the N&N were kind of excited to see the "dandelion ribbons." (Truthfully, you can use the end product on gift packages. They're beautiful.) And...viola! They really were as gorgeous as I remembered.

I really love days off.

Another wonderful moment came in a fan letter this morning. Nicole asked me if there would be a story for Kyle, who was a secondary character in last July's INNUENDO for Blaze. I told her that I didn't have any firm plans to write a sequel-of-sorts, but it had crossed my mind. Hearing that readers want to know about the further adventures of characters really inspires me to approach my editor with a firm story idea. So, thank you, Nicole! We'll see what happens since I just fulfilled my most recent Blaze contract with THE ULTIMATE BITE....

Have a great weekend, you all. Make a few dandelion ribbons. :)

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