Monday, January 08, 2007

The *bleep* is back!

Oh, little computer, how I missed you. [Psych! Actually, I had a great time away from my demanding machine, even though the workaholic in me was freaking out. I did miss blogging with you guys though, so I'm back for more. :) ]

In spite of that informational aside, I'll be honest. I feel overwhelmed right now. I returned last night to find 500 emails waiting to be read. I'm not kidding. There were about 500, and I almost started to hyperventilate. I was only gone for 4 1/2 days and look what happened!!!

But I'm *almost* caught up now. (Psych again! That was a huge lie. Actually, I'm kind of drowning in things I need to do for NIGHT RISING PR as well as other projects, like the Montana Mavericks story I'm going to begin drafting in just about a week, a proposal revision for another Special Edition, the polish that still needs to be done for my futuristic Western paranormal, and the chapters I need to write for my atmospheric thriller TWISTED. And this is not to mention the line edits I must do for *both* of my July releases as well as an article I must write by Friday for the Orange County RWA chapter's newsletter. When it rains it pours, doesn't it?)

Anyway, we all have busy lives, and in the midst of yours, I'm hoping you'll have the opportunity to visit our friend Nicole's website, where she's hosting a long list of authors this month. Here's a message from the great woman herself:

I am currently having an Author Free for All on my blog. For the rest of January and all of February, wonderful Authors will be posting thier bios, excerpts and answering some questions. Warning these excerpts can be very hot there will be some excerpts that contain M/M. So, come on down and check it out. Leave a comment, ask a question and have some fun.

I'm going to be featured on January 12 (Friday), so I hope you'll be stopping by!

Have a great, great week, you all, and no hyperventilating allowed. :)

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