Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Finally, HEROES

Here I come, skidding up to the computer to chat about HEROES!

Angela and Karm already provided some insights in the last comment section: yay for more Heroes coming together, but boo for new ones being introduced when we still have so much to learn about the old.

I agree with all of that, even the point that nothing much happened on Monday. In fact, I was kind of more excited about the 300 preview than the episode itself. (OMG, doesn't 300 look awesome??? Art come to terrible life.)

Just some bullet point notes that I wrote while watching HEROES since I'm late to the party:

* Love how all the deputies shy away from Niki/Jessica. Hah! And kudos to Ali L. for the "precious" Gollum/Smeagol moment. My theory was that Niki was actually possessed by Jessica's superhero spirit, thus making Jessica the actual Hero and Niki a sort of host. But now we know that Niki herself can be just as strong as Jessica. I guess "Jessica" was a materialization of Niki's repression (like the ghosts in TURN OF THE SCREW); she was just a way for Niki to cope with her horrifying new powers...?

* Horn Rimmed Glasses continues his streak of awesomeness: when he said "Ooops," to Matt's "psychic" detective when the cop failed to read HRG's mind, I cracked up. HRG is so cool and cocky. I think he turns me on.

* I quite enjoyed Hiro's Excalibur-esque samurai story. And when Hiro and Nathan saw each other again--love!!! Those two have some chemistry that is certain to entertain me for months to come.

* I'm ready to meet Linderman.

* Interesting how the Haitian has taken it upon himself to act as Claire's mentor. Is it a set up? Is our naive and trusting cheerleader falling into some HRG-created trap?

* Sorry to say this, but Simone is dangerously close to being the Lana Lang of this series: stunningly beautiful yet utterly irrelevent. Please, TV gods, do not allow HEROES to shoehorn this character into any stories just so the cast can stay pretty.

BTW, it's interesting that I chose to watch HEROES over 24, another program that I'd rather watch live instead of seeing it on DVR replay....


Angela/SciFiChick said...

I understand Claire going back and showing her friend her powers again. But I felt like we were watching a rerun. That part could have been a lot shorter, to make way for new storyline.

And I'm excited too, about Niki realizing she's just as strong as Jessica!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Angela, you're absolutely right about that. I hear that (SPOILER) that was Zach's last episode anyway. I don't know how true that rumor is though. Bummer, because I liked him.

Niki/Jessica is such an intriguing character, but I do wish she'd resume her contact with the other Heroes....

Angela/SciFiChick said...

I heard that they were killing off a major character that's been here since the beginning.. I wonder if it's him then..

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Good call, Angela. Hmmmm, poor Zach.