Monday, January 29, 2007

HEROES, 1/29

There were a lot of twists and turns tonight but, somehow, the episode felt slow. Why?

Was it because Psychic Matt was on? I tell you--I love Greg Grunberg, but whenever his character comes on screen...yaaaaaaaawn.

Other thoughts about tonight's goings-ons:

* Claude Reins is the Invisible Man! Bwah!

* Oh, poor Hiro. He's in terrible need of time-space-continuum viagra.

* Random thought: Remember Adrian Pasdar from his TOP GUN days? That was his pre-naughty/wicked fiend stage. He looked like the Tony Curtis version of those frozen, blue-lit pretty boys from Madonna's "Open Your Heart" video. But I prefer the Profit/Nathan Pasdar. Much more interesting.

* Obviously, last Monday was *not* Zach's last show. Bad rumor.

* "This is how we roll." Love.

* Hey, Oprah is on HEROES now? Eerie twin sister-age. My overly analytical side thinks that they cast this woman as Niki's psychiatrist to emphasize the Niki/Jessica mirror theme. (Right.)

* Say, I wouldn't mind having Micah's power at all. I guess he can stop ATM cameras from recording him during these robberies and getting him busted. Or so he'd better hope.

* LOL--Hiro's dad!!! And GULP. Hiro is the monarch of my fangirl kingdom!

* Mama Firestarter. Sweet. That was a cool reveal with the finger flames. Moments like this are what keep me hooked on HEROES.

* Please tell me Sylar didn't get HRG. Surely not. I will cry.

* Big speculation here, so don't read on if you want to remain free of any type of spoiler-stain (even if my ramblings are way off base).... If Claude Reins is an "old school hero" from a previous wave, would it be possible that Linderman could be one of the old ones, too? Is that why he's a step ahead of everyone and seemingly connected to some of them, as if he has access to the list? And who is Hiro's dad exactly...?

What did you guys think of tonight?


Angela/SciFiChick said...

- I wondered about those ATM cameras too. That kind of bothered me that they didn't address it. And this kid is old enough to know that stealing is bad. Man, does he have the worst (ever) role models for moral living.

- Unfortunately, I learned months ago about George Takai's role. So that part was all spoiled for me. Already knew what was happening.

- So, in the previews for next week, we see a cuff of a man in a nice shirt, sitting down at a desk, when Claire's real mom calls him. And the narrator says, "Just wait till you see Niki's dad." I've heard rumors that it could be someone we know already. Which would mean it could only be Nathan Patrelli or HRG (Claire's "adoptive" dad). Now, that would be a good twist.. if HRG really was her real dad.
- Also, is Linderman really HRG? Maybe?

-I'm getting a little frustrated that everything seems to be moving at a snail's pace now.

- Unlike everyone else, I'm not a fan of Hiro's. He's really getting on my nerves for some reason. It's not just his look of constipation when he tried to use his power. But it's his over-the-top enthusiasm and crazy, stupid idea that a SWORD would give him his powers back. He just sounds like a moron, or mentally disabled.
Okay, enough ranting.

Karmela Johnson said...

It's really bad for me to watch ROME and HEROES at the same time because the pacing in ROME is so fantastic, whilst HEROES is literally putting me to sleep. To wit:

1. Smeagol spends the entire episode in the insane asylum? Yawn.

2. The cheerleader spends 95% of the show being all angsty and talking about her *feelings*? Puhlease.

3. Sulu Jr. spends the 80% of the episode riding in the back of a truck? Where's that remote?

4. Sylar is on a concrete slab 99% of the ep? Are you getting where I'm going here?

5. Flying Man runs around looking for his bro?

6. And SuperBangs yaks it up with InvisiGuy?

Jesus, nothing is happening on this show. NOTHING.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Awesome responses, guys. I can absolutely see your points, and those are intriguing theories. Wouldn't it really be cool if Linderman was someone we alreay knew, just like Angela says?

And Karm, I hear you about the pacing. I, too, love ROME. You can't leave the TV for one minute with that show because you'll probably miss something significant. Also, they manage to fit in lots of character development and period detail. I can't believe this is its last season.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Here's an entry from my friend, Sandy!

I was convinced that the mysterious person that HRG always speaks to
on the phone (who has ultimate control over HRG's "project") was, in fact, Linderman. And I suppose this is still a possibility. Then
when I saw the scene with the doc phoning HRG and it was completely
obvious that he was toast, I turned to [loving hubby] and theorized that HRG was really Claire's Dad and he had nonbreakable properties as well
and in fact, these properties were transferred to Sylar when he came
into the room with the Doc and Sylar earlier and therefore, Sylar
could play dead, but not really be dead. But now it looks like that
theory is out because HRG is in jeopardy, unless Sylar decides to
keep him alive so he can witness the opening of Claire's head and
sucking out of her gray matter (or whatever he does to his victims).
Now I'm wondering if Linderman could be Claire's father. Hhhmmm. I
like to tie everything back to Linderman, so I'm wondering if Oprah
works for him too. And as for Hiro, it looks like his father is
someone of significant wealth and power, but do we think he lights
the family hibachi with his fingers or walks through walls or
something as well? Hhmmmm. As for the cop, the only interesting
thing I can see coming out of there is some terrible tragedy
involving his wife and baby that will motivate him on a journey of
revenge. Hhmmm.

More great Linderman theories from Sandy!

And it's cracking me up that on Television Without Pity, they keep calling Matt's wife "useless." Heh. Heck, I just thought she was a crossbreed of Joey Potter and Katherine McPhee and left it at that.

Karmela Johnson said...
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Karmela Johnson said...

New nickname for Peter:

SpongeBangs HotPants.

So I'm a 14-year old fangurrrl. Sue me.

Nicole said...

I loved Monday's episode. LOL. Time Space Continuum viagra. LOL. Priceless. For some reason, I think Nat may be Claire's father, I mean he cheated on his wife before but he's too young right? Oooh, I never thought of that for Linderman, hmmm, makes me think now. I loved Claire's mom's power reveal, so cool.