Monday, January 22, 2007

HEROES message

I just wanted to let you all know that I won't be able to see HEROES tonight. (Sob.) Actually, there's no crying allowed for me, because I'll be chowing down at Prince's new restaurant at the Rio, 3121. (You heard me right--Prince has a restaurant!)

I'll be viewing HEROES Wednesday, but if you want to chat about the show with anyone else who's brave enough to post, go for it. Comment on this post, and I'll join you with my thoughts Wednesday. I want to remain unspoiled until then, so I won't be popping in until that point.

In the meantime...bring on the HEROES!!!


Angela/SciFiChick said...

Well, my favorite hero was in a coma through most of it.. but it was still a great episode.
I love that more of them are meeting and coming together.

Karmela Johnson said...

ComaBoy is my fave hero too! How dare they put him in a coma for most of the show? Grrrr...

But...nothing much happened on this ep. My favorite part was Hiro and Nathan meeting up. "Flying Man!" Heh. That was funny. Apart from that, NOTHING HAPPENED. Come on people, move it along already! I want a big Good-vs-Evil battle scene already! I want to meet Linderman! I want the introductions of new heroes to STOP ALREADY and for the writers to FOCUS ON THE CURRENT HEROES WE ALREADY KNOW!!!

Gah! Can you tell this show is on the verge of losing me?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Yeah, what was with Peter's absence? Don't they know that The Bangs are gold with the women?

Angela, I was excited about more of the coming together, too! (See today's blog about my new favorite cute couple: Hiro and Nathan--I echo Karm's applause on that.)

Here I go to blog.