Saturday, February 24, 2007

Good news

NIGHT RISING has gone back to press to print more copies!

Now, I'm still getting used to the world of mass market versus trade, but my publishers are pleased with the book's performance so far. Hence, I am happy, too, although I'll be brushing up on how the single title business works versus category. It's a whole different ball game. If all the effort I've put into PR didn't inform me of this fact before today, now I know.

So, thank you, everyone, for rushing out to buy NIGHT RISING during these first two and half weeks! Obviously, you've made an impression on Ace, and I love ya for it!

(BTW, I'll hopefully have a great announcement re: Vampire Babylon in the near future--so stay tuned!)


Karmela Johnson said...

Woohooo!!!!!!!!! So glad I could contribute to the cause.

Now go to my blog and comment on something fun and frothy. I am especially looking forward to your list. I bet there's a hair band or two in it.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Thank you, Karm! This is *your* good news, too. I appreciate your adding to the total so very much. :)

And I just visited your blog.... You all--visit Karm's blog! Lots o' fun (and lots o' hair band, too, LOL).