Monday, February 12, 2007

HEROES, 2/12

Truthfully, I got a little bored tonight. I know this because my notes are mostly about silly, dorky details. But, let's get to it. Remember, I took these notes as the show chugged along.

* I can't believe Ma Barbecue is blackmailing Nathan. Bummer. Claire needs some support right now. Ironically, it just might end up being Nathan who gives it to her.
BTW, have you all heard Hayden P.'s Cinderella song?

* I'm impressed that Jessica is wearing just a teensy bit of Evil Eyeliner and that's it. (Remember Bad ALIAS Sydney? Heavy-handed villain identification there, girl.) Actually, Jess's version is more like Evil Eyeshadow and mascara. Flattering yet menacing. While we're on the subject, have you guys noticed that Jess wears Evil Earrings, too?

* Aw, here we go: Hiro and Ando screwing around inVegas again. Is this Groundhog Day or something?
Thank goodness we're saved by Excalibur Waitress and...hey--I like this actress! She was in DODGEBALL! She's funny, so I'm confident hilarity will ensue. Then...bruises from a boyfriend. Okay, that's not funny, but I'm wondering if she's putting on an act? She's not a dramatic actress.

* Please have Matt's new "private security" storyline be interesting.

* Will the new hero guy with the weird floor and the pots and pans be a version of Magneto?

* Yay for Matt versus Jessica!!! If only this match-up would last.

* Heh--didn't I have a feeling that Excalibur Waitress wasn't on the up and up? See, since she isn't a dramatic actress, the abuse thing was weird. I can usually tell who commits the murders on CSI, too, depending on the character actors they cast. It kinda stinks.

* Will Mohinder be the one who will die next week since Sylar's with him now? But Mohinder doesn't have a power. Hmmm, then again, the psycho killed elder Dr. Suresh. Heck, Sylar's just mean--he'd do anyway with Mohinder just for kicks.
Then again (again), maybe next week's dead hero will still be Isaac since he's scheduled to have his head sliced open by Sylar anyway. Maybe not, though, since time is fluid in this show. Anyway, I was thinking about a dead Mohinder because it'd be interesting to have the end of the Voice Overs usher in a new phase for the heroes. Like, no Voice Overs equals finally Getting Everyone Together.

* And...that poor guy was not Magneto. In fact, Sylar made that toaster look like the Terminator 2's cyborg model.

* Uh, Mohinder? "DOCTOR" Suresh the younger? Ever hear of controlling your frakkin' sample by keeping your subject in sight while he's swabbing for DNA? Yeesh.

* Next week: Nathan versus Jessica. Heh.

Did you guys like it? Not like it? Are you getting frustrated or are you content with the pacing now?


Angela/SciFiChick said...

I'm starting to yawn too..
They need to give us a new storyline soon. I'm over Sylar. Yes, he's scary, but let's move on already.
Mohinder's just being stupid. Let's let the psycho serial killer follow me around & see where all the other mutants are so he can kill them too!
Poor Claire has no one she can trust. As if teenage years aren't bad enough.

GeminiWisdom said...

Ditto. Yawning here, too. Last week was a whole lot better when we found out who her father was. I'm really anxious to know how they all got their powers. Is it a family thing (Claire, Nathan, Peter and Jessica/Niki, Micah and D.L.) or is it just random?

Karmela Johnson said...

Yeah, heroes is boring me too. They are seriously losing me. I mean, an episode without My Milo better be damned exciting to hold my attention. As it was, I almost fell asleep. Mohinder's narration is bugging the shit out of me too.


Do you watch The Unit?

Now THAT's a great show.

Karmela Johnson said...

PS: THe best part/line of the show was when Micah whined:

"Are we ever going to talk about our powers?"

Y said...

I'm actually not bored yet. I really enjoyed the episode!

I feel sorry for Claire. Looks like her real parents are worse than her adoptive parents. How can that woman not remember Mr. Muggles? ;)

Also looks like Mohinder's going to get himself into a whole lot of crap. Though I don't think Sylar will kill him just yet. I think he'll use him up to get to the others before Mo gets it. What you think?

And what's Matt going to do with those diamonds I wonder? I feel bad for him sometimes, everyone's always thinking about what a loser he is. That's gotta be tough. Lol. I reckon he'll come through in the end, prove he's a worthwhile hero somehow.

Hiro's still cool, though Ando's starting to piss me off with his fascination for tall leggy blonde American chicks. Is Hiro on his way to finally meeting Linderman?

I think so.

Anyway, can't wait to see what happens next week...

Crystal Green's Blog said...

As always, interesting speculations, you all. I also think Sylar was scarier when he was just this...entity. Now he's kind of "mwah-hah-hah" but he is providing a little tension for me with Duh-hinder at least. I'm not sure how long that's going to last though...

I'm looking forward to more illumination about their powers, too. More than anything, though, I'd love for them to come together.

Karm, I've never seen THE UNIT, even if I'm on the Scott Foley Hotness Train. Another program to add to my list, LOL.

Y, I agree that Sylar is going to use Duh-hinder. (What concerns me though is that this storyline will get tired really soon! I hope Duh-hinder surprises us by catching on to what's happening very soon.) I do feel for Matt, though. He was more interesting last episode, so that was a good sign.

Karm's comment about THE UNIT made me think about TV shows that *aren't* trying my patience right now. In fact, I started thinking about TV programs that have gotten back on track--the ones that I absolutely cannot wait to watch. I'm blogging about five of them today....