Monday, February 19, 2007

HEROES, 2/19

Good stuff tonight--weeee-hah!

* Okay, first, a "not online" heroine with a pretty cool, tech-inspired power. Wireless. I'm curious about her.

* Du-oh: Wireless is persuading Radioactive Ted to go nuclear. Is this just a red herring, or is this the beginning of our New York armageddon scenario? Can't wait to see the part Peter will actually play in all this.

* Hey, don't you just love Matt's wife? Instead of getting excited about a diamond ring on her dresser like most normal women, she demands "WHAT DID YOU DO?" Yeesh. Take a hit off your anti-harpy inhaler, lady.

* Did anyone else think that the hook lamp that was swinging back and forth in Audio Ace's mechanic garage was going to go thunk right in her head? I thought Sylar was going to use it to pry open her noggin, for sure. Clearly, he found a tool just as useful after exercising some patience.

* Finally, the requisite scene in which the mentor beats the novice, but then the novice pulls a good move and makes the mentor go "hah-hah, you fiesty young Padawan!" Peter and Claude have entered the Hero's Journey.

* Solid snark: "You're nothing but a Japanese mapquest for me."

* And the Oscar for Best Actor in the Motion Picture of His Mind goes to...Sylar for Messing with Mohinder. Oh, to fib with the flair and proficiency of our deranged psycho killer.

* Peter! I got kinda tingly when he stopped that Taser and then rocketed off. The bangs still bug a little but, OMG, that pissed look he had on his face after Claude left? HAWWWWWT.

* Oh-oh--dead Simone walking? That was not a friendly look on Nathan's face when she left his office. I wouldn't put it past Nathan to shut her up re: his powers. (But, as we'll soon see, there's really no need to even get out of his comfy chair.)

* I can't help liking HRG. Great villain?/?not villain.

* Love how Sylar's new power is driving him bonkers. Heh! Karma is less than charmed to meet you, Nutboy.
And this just in: Mohinder is still a moron.

* Stan Lee! Heart.

* See--Heroes coming together = conflict.

But the most important discovery of the night? Peter is mega-hubba when he's angry. Yow.

I'm happy. HEROES has found its form again, IMHO. What do you all think?


Karmela said...

Peter is NEO/Luke!!!!! Wheee!!! Total homage to two of my favorite movies of all time! YESSSS! That stick fight w/ Claude was totally Skywalker and the tazer bullets was totally Neo.

And I'm with you -- I don't think Daddy Cheerleader is bad. He's a good guy. Even when he captured Sylar, the man who almost killed his daughter, he didn't really do anything permanently bad to him. And if he were bad, he would have stuck that tracking device on Claire as soon as he found out she could heal.

Simone -- see yah, sistah! Now Peter and Claire can engage in some hot, nasty underage incest! Oh wait. That's on ROME.

The rest is okay. Matt is still BORING, Ted is BORING, but I like my Wireless!Girl. Finally! Another superhero chick that's not dead (Eden, Bionic Woman with the Superhearing, Memory Girl).

Thank God it's starting to pick up. I was going to throw darts at my TV if nothing again happened last night.

Nicole said...

LMAO! I love your Heroes recaps. Everyone I know seemed so happy when Peter got all angry. They all agree Anger Peter is sooo Hot! LOL. I'm trying to give Mohinder a little leeway due to the fact that daddy only left him with a name and not a picture. But Sylar yes, he's soo awesome and yet so scary at the same time. I understand HRG wanting to protect is family. Thanks for the recap. Hugs.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Great episode! It's about time!

- Mohinder is a freaking moron. He deserves to die by Sylar's hand, since he's not bright enough to see ANY clues.

- Simone biting it.. Not upset. Hopefully, that means my favorite heroes are safe from death.. at least for a while. I'm hoping she was the death they've been hinting around at.

- Peter finally controlling his powers.. very cool!

- Wireless girl.. read about her many weeks ago in the online comic. I wondered if they'd ever bring her in. I guess it pays to read it, as it gave her backstory.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Karm, LOL about the ROME comment! Awesome. And isn't Wireless almost a ready-made superheroine? She kind of has a costume already....

Thanks, Nicole! I guess I should be less hard on Mohinder, but the audience knows more than he does. But...yeeeee--does he not question why Sylar wants to tag along with him? It would set my brain on alert, I hope. LOL.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...


I'm so not caught up on the online comic. Wireless's backstory might be interesting. SPOILER--don't read anymore if you want to stay unspoiled...--Simone's death isn't the only one that's going to happen. That's what I hear, anyway, right, Nicole?

GeminiWisdom said...

I was kinda diggin' the whole interracial thing between Peter and Simone (I thought she was very pretty), but I knew that wouldn't last long, what with Peter's special powers and all. So, aren't Sylar and Peter the same in the fact that they can absorb other powers? I have a feeling there's going to be a mage fight between the two of them. I've always thought Peter (Milo V.) was cute, but the bangs really need to go. He needs to have the same hair he had during his Gilmore Girls days.

And yay for Claire for seeing what kind of her person her father really is.

I'm looking forward to the next episode. Too bad it won't be on again until sometime next month.

GeminiWisdom said...

I found it ironic that Stan Lee made an appearance here and not in "Ghost Rider."

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I LOVED this episode! And I totally LOVE Peter! He's amazing! Yay for Peter and his mega amount of superpowers!

Man, I love this show!

Sylar's really starting to bug me. I just want Peter to kill him. Lol. :)

I thought Isaac was gonna do something stupid, I just didn't think he'd kill the woman he loves! What the hell was that?

And Matt's wife is a moron. Isn't she showing a little too much already? Didn't she just announce she was pregnant and there's already a round belly? She's annoying. She should marry Sylar and have lots of annoying kids.

Heeee. Heeee.

Oh, I love what happened at the Bennett house! I reckon Claire might take off with these guys, because things are just not working out in Dallas anymore. Poor girl's always miserable. She needs to save the world or something. Though I reckon our big hero is Peter!

Oh, how cool that Stan Lee was in it, huh? I love that man! He's so cool, and very interesting to listen to when he's interviewed. Not to mention a genius comic man!


Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Mage fight--love it, Gemini! Yeah, does anyone know the scoop about Stan not appearing in GHOST RIDER (which I haven't seen)? He lives for cameos.

Y, LOL, about Matt's wife getting together with Sylar. She's not on my good list, either....