Monday, February 26, 2007

HEROES, 2/26

So I think I can just forget those weaker episodes earlier this month because this one made up for them in spades, baby! A suspenseful, tense, focused episode with plenty of emotion and twists. Now we're talkin'!!!

Episode notes, as always:

* Holy Moly: Eric Roberts! I'm scart. Seriously.

* Claude is there, too. Okay, the circle is now complete. Claude was one of them (pretty much), and then he retired to the Tatooine, "obscurity" until Luke...ERRRRR, Peter came along. Just who was Claude protecting anyway?

* Hiro's daddy! And listen to HRG speak the Japanese. My strange crush intensifies. Also, little Hiro is present. Just a question: did his mind get wiped somewhere along the line? Because he was sitting there within hearing range....

* HRG once again asserts his awesomeness by thinking in Japanese so Matt cannot read his mind. Smooth.

* Love how Claire just coughed up the bullet and got right back to business. Go, Wolverina!

* So now we know why HRG has been so protective and secretive of Claire. Well played.

* BTW, good to see Matt finally used to interesting effect.

* What great casting for the teen Hatian!

* Off topic (kinda): Is anyone excited about FANTASTIC FOUR 2? Meh.

* Great radiation sequence. I love getting to see the Heroes in increasingly studly moments: Peter's big flight last week, Claire's phoenix rising this week.

* Another female Hero? Karm, your wishes are being addressed! Did you storm the writer's room? :)

* Aw, the glasses are explained after all. Nice way of emotionally tying them into the family storyline.

* The end: Oh. My. Gawd.
Again, well played.

Did you all love it, too?


Angela/SciFiChick said...

Best. Episode. Ever.
LOL, my sister and I called each other during every commercial break. It was torture watching it alone! I don't think I've ever got that wrapped up in an episode. I was yelling for the mom and brother to run when Claire told them to.. and teared-up at the end when Claire and Mr. Bennet said their goodbyes. I had a feeling he wasn't the bad guy they were making him out to be.
-Matt will be his new partner? Very cool.
-How much of Bennet's memories did the Haitian erase?
-Why didn't Sulu take his own advice and turn in Hiro? Is he really that dumb to not know about his son, after Hiro spouts on & on about his destiny? But very cool twist in the story with Hiro & Sulu in the backstory.
-I think Hiro would have been too young to remember the details of that meeting. Don't think they would have had to bother with a mind-wipe. Or maybe he was hoping Hiro would come into the business too.

As for FF2.. I'm all over it. Silver Surfer is too cool. And I'm a complete comic book geek.. even though Ghost Rider completely stank.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Cool, Angela! And I think you might just be right about Sulu hoping Hiro would join the family business, so that's why he didn't care if Hiro was there....

Can't wait for the next episode.

GeminiWisdom said...

I can honestly say that I F***kin' LOVED it. They're showing more history and Toasty Claire at the end was FREAKIN' AWESOME! Great special effects.

~ Yeah,I wanna know who Mr. Invisible was protecting, too. They never got around to saying who it was.

~ Looking forward to seeing who the new "Eden Replacement" is. I was hoping she and Mohinder would get together, but of course, I was quickly disabused of that notion. This new girl was the main character in the movie "Stick It." If you love gymnastics, be sure to check out that movie.

~I agree with Angela. Hiro was too young-and too engrossed in his video game to care about what was going on around him.

What I really want to know is: HOW IN THE HELL DID THEY ALL GET THEIR POWERS?

Man, I love this show. And am glad I can analyze it with someone else. LOL. Crystal, you've now been officially added to my cast of Characters (read: my blogroll)

GeminiWisdom said...

And yes, I'm looking forward to FF2 and thought GH was a total loss, too. Maybe that's why there was no Stan Lee cameo.

Karmela said...

I was bawling--BAWLING--during the last scene, and my crying grew to positively hyena-ish volumes when I saw the previews because...and consider this...

The Haitian wiped out Daddy Cheerleader's ENTIRE MEMORY OF CLAIRE! So he becomes BAD again because he's forgotten he has a Hero Daughter and so goes back to hunting down the Heroes. Consider that for any future reunions between Claire & Daddy.

Everything is connected. Da-yum! Daddy Sulu is evil! Next, we'll find out that D.L. and the Haitian are somehow long-lost brothers. That would explain why there are two realy dark-skinned, bald, black men on the show.

And yes...another Chick Hero. Thank you lord. And the writers.

Great ep. FINALLY.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Gemini--thank you for the honor! :) And I'll go into Netflix to add STICK IT. I wanted to see that anyway because it looked rather fun.

Karm--I didn't think about the "new" HRG and how he will be a Hero-hunter again. What a great set up for more conflict!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this episode! In fact, I spent the whole time with goosebumps because it was so awesome!!!

I'm loving how everything and everyone fits together. It's amazing. So, who thinks that Matt's going to be Mr. Bennet's new partner? I also loved the emotional tie between MB and Claire. He really did love her all along. It was so... touching.

Oh, and I was so darn sad when Lyle went all nuclear inside the house. I don't know what it is about him, but I feel so sad for him. It saddened me that he was going through that. :( Nice Claire, saving him like that... though I don't know what the hell they've got planned for him now.

What about the Claire radiation-burnt-and-back-to-normal sequence. Excellent special effects. Where's she gonna go now with mind-wipe man? Which I REALLY like, BTW.

My god, this was so AWESOME I can't wait to see what else they throw our way.

And did you guys see Simone in the preview for next week's ep - she's standing up! And talking! What's the deal there?

I can't wait for the next episode. Does anyone know if this is a 22 episode per season series?

Nicole said...

Wolerina, lol. I love that nickname. I loved Monday's episode. I can't wait to see next weeks.

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Y--yeah, the Simone thing is interesting. It's probably one of the AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON things where the corpse is harrassing the living. Simone is probably going to give Isaac lots of grief. That's my guess anyway. :)

Also, I do think this is 22 episodes. The ratings are very good, so NBC is going to milk the series. Fine with me!

Hey, Nicole! All Claire needs are the SCWING! claws. She probably needs an offensive weapon to keep people from decapitating her and rendering her power useless (unless she's like the Evil Dead and her different body parts work on their own! But that's not the case, I think.).