Monday, February 05, 2007



Overall, this episode seemed to be a tad faster-paced than last week, and whoever guessed that Nathan was Claire's daddy hit it! Who was that? (Guys, I'm way too tired to go back through comments, so if it was you, claim your glory! Angela? Sandy?)

Thoughts about tonight:

* I guess being invisible also means you can communicate silently with your inviso-partner? No one on the street hears Obi-Dr. Who talking to Peter.

* Poor, naive Oprah, poking at the snake in the, Jessica. Don't you know better, Miss O? You're doomed.

* (One minute later...) Doomed.

* Sylar pulling out his head plug offered a very admirable squicky sound effect. Bravo. At this point I was wondering if Sylar was going to not only descend upon HRG's house, but somehow end up impersonating Claire's real daddy. (Wrong.)

* RIP, Oprah.

* Quote of the night: "You see them for what they really are: selfish, deceitful...and gassy."

* There's nothing creepier than a bad guy acting nice and holding the family dog, Sylar.

* Was I not paying attention, or did Sylar say something in Eden-voice right before HRG broke in to save the day?

* OMG, Peter!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering how he could regenerate but not fly, so I'm glad they addressed that right away...kind of. I still don't get it. All I know is that Bangs is out of control. I think he needs a hug. Karm? Sponge Bob Hotpants needs some love. :)

* Okay, so is the Niki/Jessica mirror thing metaphorical or literal since Niki is trapped in the mirror and we're back to using that imagery? This girl's "powers" have been all over the place, so I don't even have a clue as to what's happening with her.

* Nathan, you naughty little space ranger.

Again, it feels like more happened this week, but maybe it's because there was no Matt....

What do you all think?


Karmela Johnson said...

I had a really, really long comment here. I wonder what happened to it?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Nooooo! Really, Karm? I wonder if Blogger regularly eats posts. I have no idea how to check.

Crud--I want to know what you thought!

GeminiWisdom said...

You're a Heroes freak, too?! Yay, Yay. I friggin' LOVE this show. I practically came out of my seat at the end when Nathan answered the phone. So that makes Peter her uncle, right? And I so wish Eden hadn't died. I was hoping she and Mohinder would become a couple.

GeminiWisdom said...

BTW, coming to you by way of Alison Kent. Love her books. And I love reading Harlequin Blaze books, too. I got Jinxed! and really enjoyed it.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Yes! I knew Nathan had to be daddy!
Yeah, so Peter is her uncle, making all those that said there was chemistry between them sicko's. LOL
It was a great one. Though I'm about sick of Jessica. Niki needs to grow a pair and take control of her body once and for all.
I felt so bad for Peter, when he stood there watching Simone and Isaac together. But, hello! He started hitting on her when she was dating Isaac. She's already proved she's not the faithful type.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Gemini, welcome! Yes, I do love HEROES. Such fun. And I freaked out a little, too, when Nathan answered that phone. He's such a cad, that one. I also miss Eden, and she + Mohinder would've be a proper match. Thanks for coming here (and for reading JINXED!). Hope you come back. :)

Angela, I thought you were the one who guessed it was Nathan! Good job. And, you all, I never thought of Peter being Claire's uncle. Ew. It was bad enough that she's, like, 16 and he's...beyond that, but this should double-stop any more shipping for them, LOL. Also, you're right about Simone--never trust a person who's already messed another person over to be with *you.*


Y said...

I LOVED this episode! It was so cool when Claire showed her real mother her power and then she did the same. Man, I got a real kick out of that! So cool!!!!

That Nathan sure gets around!

And Peter being Claire's uncle I suppose explains why it was her power of regeneration that he tapped into first. Y'know, when the invisible man pushed him off the building! I mean, he didn't fly, did he? The family bond between Claire and him must be stronger.

I feel sorry for Claire though. That politician isn't going to be too happy about her existence.

What about Hiro? He's so darn funny.

And Isaac's starting to worry me. I think he's going to try to kill Peter to stop the NY explosion. And I really like Peter, so I don't think it's right!!! ;)

Anyway, better stop now...

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Y, those are some very interesting observations. I wonder why Claire/Peter bonding would be stronger than Claire/Nathan? Something to think about....