Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bookshelf: ZODIAC

A couple of weeks ago I told you all that I was working my way through ZODIAC by Robert Graysmith. I'd just seen the David Fincher movie, and my curiosity about this fascinating and frustrating serial killer was at a peak. It was natural for me to fully delve into my audiobook (which is read by a man who sounds a little measured and creepy himself) since the visual presentation of the events triggered a need for me to discover more information. I guess I was even looking for a bit of the closure I knew I wouldn't find with this case.

In essence, the movie did such a great job of covering most of the bigger Zodiac details that "reading" the audio version was almost redundant. However, ZODIAC is based on two Graysmith books, so reading just one of them was also like constructing half of a puzzle, the larger picture left incomplete. Now I guess I'll have to read the second one. (It's not like I don't have about five hundred books waiting on my TBR shelves. Crap!)

Though listening to this book is a somewhat dry experience--the presentation is rather flat at times--the information is riveting. There's also some suspense involved, because Graysmith goes back and forth between favoring one suspect, then another. And, at the conclusion, there's a real heavy sense of darkness while the narrator presents several scenarios about what might've really happened with the Zodiac killer. I wouldn't suggest listening to this at night.

On my iPod booklist now? MARIE ANTOINETTE by Antonia Fraser....

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