Monday, March 05, 2007


We are back to the hairy cliffhanger endings--and I love it!


* Stoked to see Nathan again. I missed our smoothly pressed politician. In general, I love this bad-but-perhaps-decent vibe that the writers give to many of the characters--it makes them feel real and relatable because even the best of us have sides that we hide. It would've been very easy for a "comic book show" to have given us the purely "mwah-ha-ha" antagonists (even though we know that this actually isn't how a good deal of comic books are structured nowadays. There's a healthy dose of yin-and-yang in many of our modern well as their foils.).

* "Don't worry--I know how to play dumb." Oooooo. Line of the night, compliments of Mama Bennet.

* This new girl makes me go "Hmmmm," much like LOST's Juliet. An intriguing character addition.

* Seriously...Mohinder? He knew about Sylar? Sweet! I am so ecstatic that his perception isn't cruising at zero. Too bad that newspaper article about Zane the melter didn't come out before the ultra-hearing lady mechanic died.

* Hiro's puppy adoration of Nathan is pretty damned cute.

* Claire, you clever little nugget of sly HRG-ness, you. Adopted Father served you well. The passport filch was subtle yet impressive.

* Karm--there's your next HEROine! Xerox Chick. Her power has a lot of Mystique-ripe potential for good fun....

* Ouch. You all, the spinal fluid scene hurts. Bleh, barf, barf. I can watch a person's head being sliced open, but needles? Hurl.

* There's the guy from Felicity! (Trip down memory lane: remember when Felicity's skateboarder stalker got hit by that bus? My roommate and I watched that about 15 times on VCR rewind because we couldn't get over it. But ever since Mean Girls, Nip/Tuck, Final Destination 2, Lost, etc., the bus splat shock effect has become rather passe, don't you think?)

* Save the victim whiny talk, Sylar. Yeesh. And--
Whoa...Mohinder's got a gun...POW and...DAMN! DAMN IT ALL, Sylar! He deserved to eat some lead justice but the tables were turned. I despise Sylar tonight. Truly de-spiiiiiiiiiiiise.

* Well played with the Mama Bennet masquerade, Xerox.

* Spidey 3. Geekasam! (BTW, did anyone watch the footage on I don't want to be spoiled.)

* Excuse moi? Grandma Petrelli knew about Claire all along?

* Very happy that Malcom McDowell is on board. So...Linderman: Jolly bad guy? Misunderstood decent guy? Another case of awesome yin-yang characterization?

* So Peter comes to visit Mohinder, la-la-la-la-la, and
Oh, God, the bangs...THE BANGS.

I really hope Peter opens a huge can of whoop ass on Sylar. Deliver, my nurse boy, deliver!!!!!!!

Bunches of goodness tonight, my friends. The wait for late April will be long and fraught with frustration....


Angela/SciFiChick said...

Yeah.. what's with the month & a half long hiatus?! Not cool.

-The problem with Sylar getting back use of his powers enough to turn off his IV... Um. If it worked in the first place, how did Sylar all of the sudden shake-off the affects?! He grew accustomed to it? Immune? That was a weak plot-hole.

-HRG should have seen that Mystique girl impersonating his wife a mile away.. like everyone watching.

-Mama Petrelli playing dumb about the powers after all.. very cool twist! If she knows the Haitain, that means she probably worked for the Company at one time.. or maybe still does & that's how they knew about Nathan to abduct him a while back. Oh, the fun possibilities!

-Linderman is definitely a bad guy. With just a nice-guy look to him. How many people has he had killed?! He's definitely a villian. I wonder if next season will revolve more around him, once they get rid of Sylar for good. I heard that season 2 will be a totally different storyline. That they'll wrap-up this season well. (Unlike Lost.) :P

Karmela said...

Has anyone done a tally on Peter vs. Sylar powers? So far, I have:

1. Regeneration
2. Flying
3. Invisibility
4. Mind-reading
5. Teleportation (does the fact that he met Future(!)Hiro count? Fuck it, I'm counting it anyone. Our boy needs all the armaments he can to battle Evil Sylar.)
6. Painting the Future

1. Telekenisis
2. Super Hearing
3. Super Melting of Metals
4. Photographic Memory
5. What else? I'm having trouble keeping track of all his victims. He didn't manage to get Eden's SuperPersuasion Ability, right? She blasted her head before he could do it.

Other notes from last night:

1. Finally the answer to our most pressing question: When will Peter cut his bangs?

2. I hate it that the new heroine is a BAD GUY! Why can't there be a good guy heroine? Methinks Mama Petrelli might be a Hero too.

3. I'm glad for the hiatus. I got books to write, people!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

WOW! What an episode! There's a hiatus? As of now? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

How will we survive?

Man, another powerful episode. And we now know what future Hiro meant when he said to Peter: I didn't recognize you without the scar. Yikes! That's gonna be a nasty scar. And he better kick the crap out of bloody Sylar. He needs to go! Go! Go! Go! :)

Anyway, I love the way it's going... but do we really need to wait so long?

GeminiWisdom said...

Once again, ho-ly. shit. This is gittin' GOOD. Who was the guy from Felicity?

And "Y" - thanks for bringing up that comment from Future Hiro. I totally forgot he said that!

Chris Marie Green/Crystal Green said...

Hey, guys!

Angela, I'm intrigued by the "whole new path" for next season. I'm getting happier with LOST in the answer-giving department though--and I hear that tonight's episode is pretty huge!

Oh, Karm, master of the lists--impressive! And, you know, when Peter's bangs fell to the floor, I was surprised to find that a piece of my heart was right there with them. Who knew?

Y--whoa, I forgot about Future Hiro's dialogue, too. Good call!

Gemini, the guy from Felicity is named Ian Gomez, I think, and he played this hilarious coffee house boss. He was also on that short-lived John Stamos Sex-in-the-City-but-for-guys show. Anyway, in HEROES, he played the curator, but he was barely on. I wonder if he'll be back though....