Friday, March 23, 2007

One half of an announcement!

I think I can safely make one half of my "big announcement" now. The other half will have to wait for something more official to happen. But this half...?

(drum roll)

I've just signed a three-book contract with Blaze!

So now, in addition to writing a miniseries for Special Edition that's being called "The Suds Club," I'll be working on three projects for my "other" Harlequin Silhouette line. I've already turned in two short synopses but the third will be a "blind" work, meaning that my editor, Brenda Chin, just wanted to reserve my time. Yes--this is where I want to be in my writing career: "reserved"! It's a good feeling.

If you're wondering what those first two Blazes will be about, I'll give you a little teaser about book one....
In 2002, I had planned to write a chick-lit story about four women who take a road trip on Route 66. I even went so far as to drag my friend and critique partner Sheree Whitefeather with me on part of the route. (BTW, you can see a few pictures on the main site.) Then, I wrote three sample chapters and a synopsis. Just as I was about to polish all of that, lots of work started to come my way. I sold THE HUNTRESS, A TYCOON IN TEXAS, and BORN TO BE BAD all within a couple weeks of each other, so my Route 66 book fell by the wayside, never to be looked at again. It's still in my computer, unpolished, deserted and sad. :(
But now I'm going to use my research for a Forbidden Fantasies Blaze. You guys don't know how excited I am to revisit this subject in a different format. Though the storyline doesn't at all resemble that chick-lit book, I'm really looking forward to using Route 66 as a setting. There's so very much to play with!
Tentative title for this project? ROAD GAMES.

How about books two and three then? Well, I have no idea what the third Blaze will be about, and I have to keep the second book's subject mum for now. I'll be able to say more about it in August, I think....

Stay tuned for that revelation as well as the second half of my original announcement. It might take at least a few weeks before I can say anything, but it's really, really cool news. :)


Karmela Johnson said...

Totally cool, Chris!!! Congratulations! And I love it -- you have been "reserved." Only happens to the really cool, kickass chicks. :-)

Y said...

CONGRATS C!!! That's fantastic news, I'm so excited for you. Sounds like a very interesting premise too. :)

I hope you have an excellent weekend!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Thanks, Karm and Yolanda!

Karm, I hope you start feeling way better. And, Y, this weekend will be all about line edits and revising, but I still intend to have some fun.
;) Hope you two do the same!