Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another new cover!

Here's the second of my two July covers. This is for my Special Edition release, THE PLAYBOY TAKES A WIFE.

Right now, I'm writing what could be considered a "sequel" to this, since it features the hero's alpha tycoon brother. However, this new book, MOMMY AND THE MILLIONAIRE, is book one in its own miniseries, The Suds Club. (It centers around people who gather, urban tribe-like, in a Laundromat to meet, greet, and fall in love.) Some of you who liked the Kane's Crossing books from a few years ago will be happy to know that heroine of MOMMY hails from that small Kentucky town, even though she's moved across the country to Placid Valley, California, instead.

Have an excellent weekend, you all! I know I will, because I'm finishing my rough draft. Then it's on to a Blaze proposal!

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