Thursday, April 19, 2007

Escape to New York, Part Three: THE PIRATE QUEEN

So, when I last left you, I was about to begin the PASIC conference.

Which started at 7:30 am Friday morning.

Let me tell you first off that I did not make it out of bed by that time. No, because, you see, I was busy going to the theater and staying up past normal "school night" hours. I hadn't even caught up on my sleep, and I kept thinking that 7:30 am sounded way too much like 4:30am Pacific Time, so sleep I did. However, by the time I got down to the conference, I was in time for Sue Grimshaw's presentation about Borders and what they're buying. Afterward, a variety of editors shared their wisdom, too.

Then...lunch time! But instead of going to a restaurant, I decided to be antisocial and visit a few more bookstores. Luckily, one of them was right next door to a Dean & Delucca, so I grabbed a salad, a pizza bread, and the most lascivious cupcake you ever did see. It was "red velvet" with so much frosting that, if I'd hopped onto it, I would've bounced to the ceiling.

When I got back to the conference, I was beat. I almost fell asleep during a presentation, which is rude, so I slumped back to the hotel room and grabbed a nap. time! (Do you get the feeling that this was more of a theater vacation than anything? It wasn't, mind you, but I sure made it a priority.)

Tonight, we saw THE PIRATE QUEEN, which comes from the creative forces behind LES MISERABLES and RIVERDANCE. Focusing on Grace O'Malley, who reallywas a female pirate, it covers her struggle to gain respect for both herself and her people, as well as her fued with Queen Elizabeth I. The show was still in previews when I saw it, so I'm totally special.

Here's a clip from THE VIEW, spotlighting a few different songs:

You'll notice the saucy Irish tunes and dancing. I really liked those parts. The singers were in great voice, as well, and there are some Queen Elizabeth-centered set pieces and costumes that are breathtaking. However, I can't say I was swept away by the show. As Simon Cowell would bitch, "It was adequate." Which isn't a bad comment. It just didn't move me very much, though the "woman in a man's world" theme was interesting. Oddly enough, none of the songs stuck with me, either, and I found that curious, due to the show's pedigree. I can't tell you how many songs from LES MIZ were instantly memorable and touching. (Yes, I know--some highbrow theater people don't like LES MIZ. I don't care. I love me my MIZ!!!)

You might've noticed, though, that the male lead is a bit hot, and that's important.

Next installment: THE 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE. And thanks to my realization that this stuff is accessible on YouTube, there'll be another clip!

Have a great weekend (and four more days 'til HEROES, my friends).

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