Monday, April 23, 2007

HEROES, 4/23

Welcome back--four more episodes until the end of the season. And having just seen the previews for next week, when events from five years in the future will be spotlighted, I have to say that I just wish things would be cleared up in the present before the writers mess with my mind any more. Focus!

Anyway, a pretty good return. Good to see everyone again. Some observations as the show progressed, as always:

* Okay, who thought for even a second that Claire wasn't Mystique?

* So Linderman is the Corpse Whisperer?

* Love how HRG is Matt's mental puppeteer. I can hang with HRG's newly formed justice trio; truthfully, HRG makes whoever he's with interesting.

* And...we come to the terrible scene that served as a hiatus cliffhanger: Mohinder making like a bloody Spider-boy on the ceiling and Peter getting his bangs shaved via cranium surgery. But, wait. Does Peter still have his bangs or am I not seeing this clearly? Confused.

* BTW, so good to see Mohinder being useful, but we'll get back to that pretty soon.

* So Granny Petrelli is an Old School Hero, too? She's not merely a facilitator?

* We so knew that Dead Peter wouldn't last a full episode. Yay!

* Finally, everyone is heading to New York, just like in THE STAND! But without the civilization-threatening disease part. (Just a sidebar: I could not put that book down. Same with SWAN SONG by Robert McCammon. If you haven't read either of them, please do yourself a favor and seek them out. Awesome, awesome storytelling.)

* I think Mystique enjoys her job way too much.

* Mohinder, Mohinder--do not become stupid again. Tell Eric Roberts to stick it where the sun don't shine.

* (weep) Isaac's fated moment arrives. RIP? Or will Hiro save his day by screwing with time?

* Ando says, "I'm confused," and I answer, "Buddy, you're not alone."

* Please have there be a rockin' swordfight between Present Hiro and Future Hiro next week.

Did you guys like the return of our show?


Karmela said...
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Karmela said...

I'm with you on the clearing up the present timeline before messing with the future.

Memorable moments for me:

- Sylar's face when he saw InvisiPeter: "Neat! Me want!"

- Claire's face when she finds out that Peter's her uncle: "Whoa! I wanted my UNCLE to devirginize me???"

- The Claire/Nathan hug: kinda creepy. I was expecting Nathan to de-Mystiquefy even though it wouldn't have made sense.

- The Justice Trio: LOVE. Daddy Cheerleader as "Mental Puppeteer" -- LOVE. His powers of concentration are iron. But WHY again are they going to NYC? ::scratches head::

- Glad Isaac's dead. RIP, Mr. Eee-sak. Glad it's you and not another HeroChick even though you were quite the Eye Candy. Especially shirtless.

- Sylar's Pantings: Hee! The man needs to enroll in Elementary Figure Drawing 101.

- Nikki's kiss with Peter: swoon! Lucky, lucky girl! First she gets to do the nasty with Nathan, and now Peter??? ::green::

- Micah's plotline: yawn

- Ando in uniform: hehe. He looks kinda hot in a geekboy way.

- PresentHero meets FutureHero: meh. Not looking forward to that space-time fuckup.

And finally...

- Sylar vs. Peter: WTF??? That's IT??? Where's the royal smackdown? Where's the Neo vs. Smith-esque battle sequence?

Michelle said...

I thought I'd turn in for the first time to watch this show, and I'm thinking...oh that artist guy is kinda cute. Maybe I'll start watching...oh never mind.


I'm going to have to pick up the season on DVD I think. Can't start watching 18 eps into the season.

GeminiWisdom said...

Glad to see everybody back, too. When Mohinder showed up at the Petrelli's, I thought he was going to say he was injured, not dead! I couldn't help but moan right along with Nathan when he said, "It's not supposed to happen this way."

And yes, the Claire/Nathan hug was awkward to watch. What happened to HRG's wife and son? Are they dead? Can't wait to see next week. It seems like the show JUST came back on and now there's only 4 episodes left in the season? That sucks. Truly.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, you guys!

Karm, great points, as always! I saw on your blog that you noticed the all-important bang issue, too....

Welcome, Michelle! Sorry about Isaac. :( I'm not sure how far the NBC site goes with back episodes, but you might be able to check them out there? It really is hard to get with the flow of the mythology, otherwise. But hang with it! I think you'll love it.

Gemini! I know--4 episodes left. What are they doing to us???

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I really enjoyed this episode! So glad Peter survived, of course I knew he would because something similar happened to Claire earlier in the season. Remember when she was in the morgue and that bit was removed from her head and BAM - she was alive again!? :)

Liked that she was the one that saved Peter. But gosh Nathan and his mother seem so cold, huh?

Linderman's a hero too! Cool, but WTH does he want Micah for?

Anyway, still lovin' the show...