Wednesday, May 16, 2007

For Bombshell fans!

I got an email from Natashya Wilson, the former editor of Bombshell who is still editing her heart out. She's got release news for those Athena Force books that were contracted to many fabulous authors before the line closed down. This means we'll still have more Bombshells coming our way, even though they're not technically "Bombshells" any more! Excellent news, and I'm all for showing support for this miniseries in the hopes that the powers that be will see that there *is* a market for strong female heroine-centric stories out there.

So here are the details:

Athena Force books will be published one release per month from August 2007 through July 2008. They'll be single continuity titles, like the Mediterranean Nights series currently on shelves, and the line up includes:

LINE OF SIGHT by Rachel Caine
THE GOOD THIEF by Judith Leon
CHARADE by Kate Donovan
VENDETTA by Meredith Fletcher
STACKED DECK by Terry Watkins
BREATHLESS by Sharron McClellan
WITHOUT A TRACE by Sandra K. Moore
FLASHPOINT by Connie Hall
BENEATH THE SURFACE by Meredith Fletcher
UNTOUCHABLE by Stephanie Doyle
DISCLOSURE by Nancy Holder

Can you believe those authors? I cannot wait to dig into this series again!


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

OMG! This is fantastic news! Thanks so much for sharing.

You know, I still look at my Bombshell collection and feel sad about the fact that they are no more. I collected almost every one that was released in Oz, and a whole bunch of American ones. I just *love* Bombshells and hope that they realise how important it is to have strong kick butt heroines for us to read. :D

I mean, isn't that what most urban fantasy is anyway? :)

Thanks for sharing those dates and excellent authors. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for these ones!

Oh, and I bought JINXED! yesterday. It's finally come to Australia, so I just HAD to pick it up. ;)

I'm also keeping my eyes open for the BLAZE Extreme books...

Have a GREAT day!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

I can't wait, either, Y! And I agree that urban fantasy uses that strong KAH (kick-ass heroine), and that's probably why I love it. :)

BTW, thank you so much for getting JINXED! You are so great.

(And YOU have a great weekend, my friend!)