Tuesday, May 01, 2007

HEROES, 4/30

All right, first off, I have to admit up front that I wasn't crazy about this episode. Remember last week when I said I wished they would clear up a lot of the "present" stuff before taking on the future? I stand by that--tenfold. Maybe it was because I was distracted while I was watching this week's installment, but I came away feeling more frustrated than enlightened or satisfied. Sure, it was fun taking a peek into the President Petrelli future and all that, but that novelty didn't last for me.

Having said this, here are some little notes:

* Did anyone else notice that Future Hiro's dialogue wasn't exactly in synch with his mouth at the beginning? Was it my local NBC station?

* I wasn't exactly stoked to see that "Jessica" was still stripping five years from now. But, hell, at least she was doing it to Goldfrapp.

* In spite of this future thing, I am TOTALLY on board with Peter's invisible man entrance and his scar. He is now slightly bitter, pretty dark, and very hot. I'm assuming Claire wasn't around to lend her healing powers when that scar was earned. And this alliance with "Jessica" is slightly interesting--I am curious as to how it might come about if Present Hiro doesn't change the future.

* Oh, poo--Sylar is still alive. Hate. (But that's good because he's the bad guy.)

* I don't think I'm supposed to be laughing at the reveal that Matt is "homeland security." Interesting mild Nine-Inch-Nails quick-cut tick he's developed.

* Prez Petrelli--how perfect. And I love that Mohinder is his advisor--and that he's still just as off in the ether as always!

* Did the recycled X-MEN plotting kind of bother anyone else? Hasn't all this "we've found a way to normalize the mutants" stuff been done with the comics/movies?

* Interesting to see that Wireless teamed up with HRG (who no longer has those Horn Rimmed Glasses, BTW). Maybe Wireless will get more screen time.

* Good to see that Claire and HRG are still the emotional core of this show. I think this is one of the things I love about HEROES, just as I loved Jack and Sydney's messed-up-but-heartfelt relationship on ALIAS.

* The Linderman Act! Hah!

* I heart Peter, but not the stubble.

* Is this episode designed to make my apathy towards Matt evolve into pure dislike?

* Okay, I didn't see Sylar-as-Prez Petrelli coming. (BTW, looks like Sylar got a hold of Mystique, eh?)

* So Niki is pretending to be Jessica? What the...?

* And Peter found a way to hold on to his powers? He doesn't have to be around that particular Hero any more to absorb the power?

* Hee--I do love to see Prez Petrelli blasting off into the sky like that. I would love to have that power for awkward situations. Can you imagine?

* Now, let me figure this out: the actual purpose of this episode was to emphasize that Present Hiro must change the future? Didn't the threat of this blast already necessitate that?

* Next week: Back to the Present.
Thank goodness.


GeminiWisdom said...

I was diggin' the bitter Peter, too. Hot, very hot. Like you, I was more frustrated than anything. Nothing was resolved or really explained and I hated that. Although I wish Claire had been able to live a normal life and get married because her fiance was a FREAKIN' HOTTIE! If Claire couldn't marry him I sure as hell would have.

Too sad that Syler got to Nathan, but then again I'm nor surprised. He's always been kinda a smarmy and barely sitting on the legal side of the fence.

As for Mohinder - the man is fine. Love the accent, but he needs to stay clean shaven. I'm just sayin'.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Gemini! You know what I realized? I was frustrated because the "future premise" meant that any answers we got weren't necessarily stable, so there was no fulfillment of loose ends. Sure, Hiro absolutely knows he has to kill Sylar now, so I guess that's something....

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey C!

I actually really enjoyed this episode. Wasn't sure what they were going to do with the 5 years in the future thing, but it was a cool peek into the dark future that awaits them if the NY thing happens.

Can't wait to see if Hiro does kill Sylar. Man, I really want that guy GONE! I certainly didn't expect him to be Nathan but the way that they've been dropping Candace's (the morph girl) ability into every episode lately, it was probably a hint. And he did mention her name and all.

Anyway, can't wait to see how the season ends. As long as we get answers and resolution, I'll be happy. :D

Oh and yeah, diggin' Peter's harsher look and attitude.

Have a great day!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Y, I can't wait until Sylar gets it, too! That will be a SWEET episode. They've done a great job making me loathe him.

Hope you have a great weekend, too!