Monday, May 07, 2007

HEROES, 5/07

You know, I like these Sylar-centric episodes. I despise him, but he's interesting...and I feel a tad sorry for him. It puzzles me.

Plenty of intriguing set up in this episode. Here are the thoughts:

* Isn't it nice to see Ted being calm with his car task? I always expect to see him spazzing out.

* Micah doesn't like Linderman because he "smells funny." OMG. Line of the night.

* So this little savior girl, Molly, was the one whom Matt found in the closet at the beginning of the series? She is totally Harry Potter when Voldemort killed the parents and couldn't do it to Harry!

* This is pretty fun with Hiro cat-and-mousing with Sylar.

* Anyone else looking for Molly's forehead lightning scar? At any rate, she's a mental bloodhound, it seems.

* Oh, man, how cute was Claire's "That's cool," reaction to finding out Nathan can fly?

* Even Eeeevil Psycho Killers have mommies.

* The bangs are back. I'm still stuck on the whether Sylar actually cut them off during the pre-hiatus finale. Weren't those bangs gone with the skull incision? And why is this so important to me?

* Ah, so Mystique isn't actually a shapeshifter. She makes people see whatever she wants them to, so she's manipulating others and not herself. Funky hypnosis?

* Oooo-weee-ooo. An Edward Scissorhands moment goes terribly, creepily awry. Worst Mother's Day present ever, Sylar.

* Mohinder is kinda precious with that little Molly. Priming us for the sister revelation, no doubt.

* Um, Present Hiro? Dude? You'd best become Future Hiro with Sylar. Right quick, too. After you get him, then you can go back to being nice.
*Oy, Hiro. Never hesitate with Sylar! Even I know this. Lesson learned, sword boy? (Okay, it's easy for me to bitch at him when I'm not the one having to face the decision of whether or not to actually kill someone. Would I have it in me if it came right down to it?)

* Sylar's pretty blood drawing? Yikes. Hiro, this is what he would do to you without even thinking twice.

Two more episodes....

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