Monday, May 21, 2007

HEROES, season one finale

Well, all of you fans out there--what's your read on this finale? I, for one, was a bit underwhelmed. It was great when the heroes started coming together to fight Sylar, but it didn't last long. (sound of a whoopee cushion deflating)

Anyway, there were some good parts, as always. My minute-by-minute thoughts, laid bare:

* I'm weird, but when Isaac used to get white-eyed, I found that to be rather hot. White-eyed Sylar makes me go ick though. I do so loathe him.

* Confused: how can Sylar see Molly thinking about him? Does it happen when he's white-eyed? But he's not in that trance all the time. Can someone remind me which power Sylar stole to facilitate watching Molly like he's the eye of Sauron from LORD OF THE RINGS or something?

* Dang--just when we thought we'd seen the last of Simone here she is again! It's a good scene between her and Peter though.

* Simone's pop is revealed to be yet another orchestrating Old Hero, as well. I'm slightly curious to see some of these oldsters' powers during the "extra" HEROES spin off episodes. I hope they won't be overkill for me though--I'm actually fine with the series ending right now for a hiatus because I need a mental break, LOL.

* Yeesh, Ando. I admire your spunk but... Yes--go, Hiro!!! Hah! Eat that, Sylar. (I just hate when he purses his lips, don't you? Jeez, this actor is good.)

* I wonder when we'll get a more detailed explanation about Niki/Jessica. Is it a case of possession? A semi-Hulk syndrome? I'd like to know, please. (Not that it matters right now as Jessica lays Mystique out.)

* I love how Claire (and other heroes) are really starting to make smart use of their powers. Claire was clever with that 20-story-splat escape.

* Ooooo--Hiro is kind of using that lower, more Future Hiro-like voice as he drops off Ando. Bring on Future Hiro!

* LOL for "Hiro, you look bad ass." Cute geek-boy love moment.

* Noah! Hmmm, I don't think I'll ever be able to abandon the whole "HRG" thing. "Noah" is noble but it doesn't seem to fit him for me. Maybe I'll get used to it.

* Whoo! Heroes messing with Sylar together as a team! But then...pffft. It all dissipates when Peter gets a tad too excited. Bummer.

* Still, why do I not believe Sylar is dead?

* And...oh, man. No. Tell me it didn't just end like this. Please...someone?

So--any predictions for season 2? After Hiro finishes screwing around with his detour to olde Japan, will he go back in time to save Peter and Nathan while risking the resurrection of Sylar (or did he learn that lesson from trying to save Charlie)?
What do you all think?


harshblogger said...

Sylar can't see Molly. She is talking about someone else worse than Sylar. The season 2 villain I'm guessing.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

harshblogger, thank you! See what I get for not listening as closely as I should? :)

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Yeah, that's right. Molly was talking about someone else... and I suspect it's the person in the sewers that dragged the bastard down there. Man, I'm so sick of him! Why can't Sylar just die? Damn it, we know he'll be back now.

Personally, I loved this episode. It was fantastic! Hiro came through - yay! Peter will definitely survive and maybe even Nathan. I'm glad he got a backbone and dumped his mother. What's that woman's power - asides from being a conniving bitch, I mean! Lol. Hated how she spoke about Peter in that flashback, but spun out when the old man could see Peter. Wow.

Very cool. But what the hell is Hiro doing in the past? And in Japan? I guess there's no spin-off, it's just the second season.

I was satisfied. Though I want more! :D

Have a great day C!

PS. I had my sixth eBook release on Saturday. This one's a vampire novella. Love the vamps! ;)

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Guys, I am *so* sorry for spacing out on that "worse than the Boogeyman" conversation with Molly! I have no idea where I was....

I know what you mean, Y--I can't believe Sylar ain't dead, either. I heard that the original plans for him were much different, but based on fan reaction, they extended his stay?

I'm very curious about Mrs. P.'s power. Can't be good, LOL. And Hiro in Japan just reminds me of the whole "search for the sword" storyline that frustrated the tar out of me this year! However, the identity of that masked warrior could get interesting....

Y, congrats on yet *another* book being released!!! Wow!!! You are a machine, girl. :)

GeminiWisdom said...

I agree with a Yolanda. I really liked this episode. Especially the sneak peek I got of Fantastic 4. Very cool.

Do you think "Officer Parkman" is dead? I couldn't tell.

And I so loved how Mo watched over Molly. I went to see "Blind Dating" over the weekend and he was in it. But with shorter hair.

I was going to start whining, "What am I going to watch now?", but the new season of Kyle XY starts next month and I just might have to check out the updated version of the Bionic Woman

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Gemini! I'm going to guess that Parkman is alive. If he wasn't wearing a bulletproof vest with his lack of physical hero powers, he isn't clever enough to survive, IMHO!

I didn't know Mo was in a movie! And as far as summer watching's DVD time. I've already started watching those JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoons and you know what? They're really good. A really cool surprise. I also intend to catch up with ST. ELSEWHERE and WISEGUY. We'll see how that goes, seeing as I've got three deadlines on July 1, LOL. Awesome planning.