Tuesday, June 12, 2007

CineVegas: Day Two

Woke up very early, got my work done, then headed off to The Palms off-Strip again for my second day of filmgoing. Friday was a real pleasure, with THE GRAND and CHOOSE CONNOR. Yesterday was pretty decent, too, although the second film I saw wasn't really to my tastes.

My first showing was Shorts One, which featured about eight short films. Many people tend to skip over these showings, but I love shorts, just as I absolutely love short literature stories. (Make me choose between a Stephen King short collection such as NIGHT SHIFT or one of his longer works? It'll be the shorts every single time.) Shorts One had everything from a Tobias Wolff adaptation (THE HUNTERS, which was shot in stark black and white and packed a numbing emotional punch) to six African-American men on a porch telling jokes (BUSINESS JOHNSON--very funny stuff, the acting was great). There was even a short that used stick animation to tell the story of a guy named Bill, whose meds are whacking his mind (I don't remember the title, but it was funny and sad and very clever). So, in short, if you all ever get to a film festival, I highly recommend checking out these collections. If I get to go today, I'll be watching Shorts Two, which is supposed to be a bunch of gross stories. Yay!

The second showing was a film called CARELESS, and it's about a bored guy who works in a bookstore. He finds a finger in his kitchen one night and barfs when he sees it. From there, it's kind of a goofy romance.

We'll see if I make it today--fingers crossed!

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