Friday, June 22, 2007


Have you guys heard the HEROES news? They had a press conference yesterday to announce that the show wouldn't be stretched into May sweeps next year. It'll be ending in April instead and will be immediately followed up by HEROES: ORIGINS. The latter will be an anthology-type show, concentrating on a single hero per episode. (For you comic-book people, this sounds like a one-shot issue.) I'm totally on board with this plan because there won't be a big hiatus interrupting the flow of the series at mid-point. Evidently, the long wait chipped away at the program's ratings last year, and this is a smart counter-move to keep that from happening again.

But even more interesting news? Is that they cast David Anders. You know--Sark from ALIAS. (Time out for an endzone dance!) I *love* this actor and I can't wait to see him do his thing again, although it sounds as if he's going to play Hiro's samurai hero. I don't know if this means that Anders will be another hero who has done some time travel back into old Japan or...what. We'll see.

Here's a write up of the press conference. And when I go to Comic-Con, I'm hoping to attend a HEROES panel, so I'll report the content back to you all in about a month. (I'll be busting my butt to get to the LOST panel, too. The writers will be there to talk about the awesome finale, among other things!)

Have a great weekend, you all. :)


Karmela said...

Is that they cast David Anders. You know--Sark from ALIAS.

Oh. My. GAWD!!!! My panties just slipped off me all by itself!!! I love, love LOVE David Anders like schoolgirl loves Troy Bolton! Thank you so much for the scoop. If you happen to run into him at Comic-Con, you have my permission to land him an extra long smooch for me, mkay?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

LOL!!! I keep thinking back to when Sark was first introduced on ALIAS. He was so bad and hot. And if I do see Anders at Comic-Con, I'll... Okay, realistically, I'll probably go in a corner to giggle like a schoolgirl and say to my friends, "Should we go up to him? Should we, should we?"