Sunday, June 24, 2007

How about a sequel to THE ULTIMATE BITE?

This past week, I've gotten emails asking this very question. Am I planning a sequel to THE ULTIMATE BITE, which is the Extreme vampire Blaze that has already been sent to book club readers and is just now hitting shelves?

Well, here's the deal, and I'll be vague about the details for those of you who haven't read the book yet (but those of you who *have* read it will know exactly what I'm talking about). There's a certain character who, by the end of THE ULTIMATE BITE, is totally set up for his own book. That was intentional, because this character was very interesting to me. Same goes for his nemesis. Hence, when I got my line edit, there was a note at the conclusion that asks, "Can I expect ******'s story now?"

So I wrote the synopsis and turned it in with my other ideas for my new three-book contract. Thing is, the powers that be have to wait and see if Blaze fans in general accept the whole Extreme vampire angle. Based on the feedback I'm getting, it looks good to me, but that might not translate into numbers. Of course, if anyone wants to go to the eHarlequin site and mention their desire for certain types of books (not just mine, LOL), that would help, too, as the editors do check in there.

I'll keep you all informed on this blog and newsletters but there's hope! (And for those of you who have written me, thank you so much!)


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey C! Oh gosh, I hope that you do get to do more of these Blaze Extremes.

Y'know, I just finished reading UNTOUCHED and I loved it! I'm DEFINITELY into the Extreme titles, and they've even enticed me into checking out other Blaze titles in general.

I can't wait to read THE ULTIMATE BITE, but I need to wait and see if we'll even get it here in Oz.

Here's hoping that they keep the Extremes going. :D

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hello again, C! Man, I just found out that Australia will be getting TUB... but not until October! Can you believe that? :/

Have a great day!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Y! (I'm getting around to my emails soon, LOL. Sorry for the delay. Just finished knocking down July 1 deadline #2 and still have to deal with #3!)

Thank you, as always. :) That's *great* news that it'll be published in Oz. I can't believe it, because you remember that THE HUNTRESS wasn't pubbed there. I thought my vampires would never make an appearance in your area!

I'm so behind on my reading that I still have to get to UNTOUCHED. Really looking forward to it....

Talk to ya soon!