Friday, June 01, 2007

STAR WARS in 30 Minutes

So my favorite part of STAR WARS Celebration IV was this little show called The STAR WARS Trilogy in 30 Minutes. And that title is literal, because the cast does indeed perform the highlights from the first trilogy in that wee amount of time.

Throughout the long weekend, it was obvious that word of mouth had spread, and the lines started getting longer and longer. People were even turned away unless they came early (and what's a STAR WARS function without at least one line you get to wait in, I ask you!).

I was with my friends Rich and Jason, who are huge, HUGE fans of this production. They first saw SWin30 when it started at the Coronet in L.A. years ago (I hesitate to say how long because it makes me feel like a hag.). Anyway, they raved about the show, and I went with them for another look-see. Hilarious. Then they kept going back. Much later, when the previous STAR WARS Celebration (III, in Indianapolis) booked SWin30, Rich and Jason made it a point to be at a showing every day. Well, for Celebration IV this year, Rich and Jason, uber-fans, did the same, and I went with them for three of the performances because I am that much of a fangirl.

It's easy to see why Rich and Jason would devote themselves to this production. First off, the performance pokes fun at the trilogy, but it does so in such a loving way that everyone is in on the jokes. Naturally, being a SW lover makes every second all the funnier, but the action is so unbelievably non-stop and hyperkinetic that you're sitting on the edge of your seat. Seriously.

Second, every actor hits their characterization with impressive precision. Leigh Goodoff as Threepio is, of course, a girl, and she's fussy and posh enough to conjure the droid's beloved shut-the-hell-upedness. Same goes for James Snyder as Luke Skywalker (whose golly-gee performance makes you love Mark Hamill all over again), Maia Peters as Princess Leia (I love the British accent she affects during the "Tarkin Foul Stench" scene.), and Mark Kelly as Han Solo (He uses the perfect amount of who-gives-a-rat's-ass-about-this-dialogue Harrison-Ford inflections, and his carbonite freezing position? Bwaaaaa!). And I don't dare ignore the rest: Scott Mullin, who plays Vader/Chewbacca (Yes, two roles, and each one would crack your silly self up.), Mark Reilly as Obi-Wan (as well as a very femmy/sarcastic Emperor that you have to see to believe), Jason Major as Jabba and Lando (and a ROFLOL Tauntaun), Bailey Chadwick as Boba Fett and other utility roles (awesome Needa death scene!), Chris Cookson, who doubled as stage manager and Nien Nunb (She might have to get herself a head shot and live the dream after this.), and Patrick Gorman as a fierce Yoda--and the creator of this play. (Bravo!)

Why don't you click here (or I suggest cutting and pasting because you'll get to see a video without blogger to mess it up)? On this page, you can get a hint of the awesomeness.

Oh, and a side note? I found out that James Snyder (Luke) got the lead in CRYBABY, which I already told you I'll be seeing at the La Jolla Playhouse in November. What a small world!


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Have a great weekend! :D

Crystal Green's Blog said...

You, too, Y! I'll be working on that Special Edition proposal....

Maia said...

Yay, Crystal!! Thanks so much for the great mention!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Maia! Princess Leia!!! How awesome that you found this! Seeing your show was really such a highlight, and you all are so, so talented. :)