Thursday, July 26, 2007

Comic-Con: Day 1, Part 1--CLOVERFIELD and INDIANA JONES Scoop!

Phew. What a day--full of scoops and news, and the Con has barely started here in San Diego. I've already given you enough background on the convention in previous posts, so I'm going to hop right into the cool stuff. Tomorrow I'm going to be signing THE ULTIMATE BITE at the Silhouette booth, so it's a big day and a girl needs her rest....

BTW, I apologize for errors since I'm trying to get this done in a hurry.

Two panels today. Lots o'goodies.

Panel 1: Paramount

This one, held in Hall H, which contains 6,500 people and was overflowing, had a variety of movies from Paramount. I'm going to go over the highlights.


You might've seen this trailer online, but if you haven't, you should know that Robert Zemekis isn't presenting the same-old-same-old here. First, Neil Gaiman had a hand in writing the screenplay, so it's going to be automatically awesome. Second, we've got a dream cast, with everyone from Angelina Jolie to Anthony Hopkins to Crispin Glover (as Grendel. I know--sweet!). Third, the action is animated, although it's based on live action. Now, I'm not personally thrilled with the look--it seems like a very high-quality videogame to me, although I'm willing to have my mind changed--but it's innovative, and I think it'll make the surreal qualities of the tale shine through. Trivia: Neil Gaiman (who just might be the coolest guy on Earth) and his cohort Roger Avery said they wrote this screenplay in Mexico while drinking cheap beer. Also, this film is coming out in several formats, including regular 2D and a variety of 3D platforms.


If you've been reading my blog, you know I'm obsessed with this teaser (the one with the "home camera" footage and "that certain object" that lands in the street). Well, who showed up but JJ Abrams to tease us some more. Scoop? JJ says that this is a new monster movie for a new generation, and it has nothing to do with Godzilla or King Kong. He wouldn't give us the title, although he confirmed that it is NOT "Monstrous," as the Internet has hinted lately. Check out this great teaser poster:



Jon Favreau showed us some exclusive footage--and this origin story looks absolutely solid. I've never really been into IRON MAN, but I'll be there come release time. Robert Downey, Jr., handles his witty hero role with as much dry, brilliant sassiness as you'd expect, and the action looks downright crazy. Huge cheers for the actual IRON MAN costume, which allows him to both kick ass and fly through the skies. We saw hints about how a medical emergency for Downey's character led to the birth of his iron suit, and then how he develops his fighting style and weaponry. There'll be a bigger presentation on Saturday, but I can't be there, seeing as I'll be in the "TV room" all day hanging with HEROES, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and Joss Whedon if all goes well.


The moment Indy's silhouette appeared on the big screens, the crowd went ape. Then, when the image of Steven Speilberg appeared via a live satellite hook up from the set, there were cheers galore. Although the master wouldn't tell us the official title, we got to see Harrison Ford in his weathered get-up (and he was definitely looking like the Indy of old, just a little grayer), Ray Winstone as "a sidekick," and Shia LeBouef (with some stubble shadowing his face) as another "sidekick" (although Harrison Ford later mentioned a "family"). Then...and here's the best part...Steven S. brought in a director's chair with a familiar, beloved name on it.
Marion Ravenwood.
Karen Allen appeared, seeming as if she hasn't aged a year, and she was all smiles. I can't tell you how great it was to see her and to know she's a part of this.
Steven S. also said that this picture was made purely for the fans, but he kept a tight lid on everything else....


I'm not actually a fan, although I do admire the franchise. Actually, I think WRATH OF KHAN is incredible, and whenever it's on the TV, I'm sucked right in. ("KHAAAAAAANNNNNNN!") What really interests me about this project is the involvement of JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof from LOST. The panel kept noting how great this script is supposed to be, and I'm officially getting geeked for this.
Most of the cast is still being pulled together, but they confirmed that Mr. Spock is going to be Zach Quinto, who plays Sylar on HEROES. As far as looks go, this is a fabulous choice. I'm confident he can handle the acting, as well. And if you don't think Quinto resembles the old Spock in any way, the surprise appearance of Leonard Nimoy on stage would utterly change your mind. Side by side, the two could be related. The biggest moment came when they announced that Nimoy would be "putting the ears on" one more time for this movie. Don't know exactly what that means, but could they be using a flashback framing device where Spock is recalling the early days? Or maybe there's a time travel thing going on?
We'll see during the Christmas 2008 season.

Next post: LOST. Great panel, great juice.


Reel Fanatic said...

I had forgotten that Ray Winstone was in the Indy movie, and had no idea that Karen Allen was back .. that just makes me smile so wide!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Oooooh, I love that teaser poster. Thanks for sharing. I'm still totally intrigued.

Sounds like you're having a great time. :D

Have a great weekend!

Karmela said...

Squee, sqeee, SQUEEEEEEEEE on the Trek news!!!! Girlfriend, the next time you go to another Trek session, I want you to stand RIGHT NEXT TO THE SPEAKERS, dial my phone number, and hold your cell phone up so I can hear every word, every nuance, every pause in the conversation, mkay?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

LOL, RF! I was sooooo stoked when Steven S. brought out that Marion Ravenwood chair. I think a lot of the audience didn't know what was happening at first.

Y! You won't believe this: Paramount gave us a voucher to pick up some Con exclusive posters, so I got mine today. Besides the awesome SWEENEY TODD one with a creeped out Johnny Depp, they gave us that Cloverfield teaser poster. It's gorgeous, with a high gloss.

Hey, Karm! Can't wait 'til Monday when we can dish about HARRY POTTER on your blog. (Everyone, we're going to have a convo about book 7 when more people have finished.) If there are any more TREK surprises, I'll fill you in LIVE. Just email me your number sometime. :)