Thursday, July 26, 2007

Comic-Con: Day 1, Part 2--LOST (!!!!!!!)

Be warned, this post has some scoop in it. Although they're more teasers than spoilers (huge difference), there is one huge element that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse revealed. It's been all over the Internet by now and you're going to find out what it is anyway, but don't read on if you think you can avoid it. :)

After pimping the LOST videogame, Cuse and Lindelof invited the audience to ask questions. However, they had brought little "ding" bells with them as "failsafes," meaning that if one of the two started to say too much, the other would "ring them out." In case you can't tell, these guys are fun and funny, so it was a great hour, even if they couldn't tell us a lot.

But that's not to say they didn't tell us a bunch of other stuff.

I'm going to pose the questions that were asked, then provide their answers (or non-answers).

* Will there be more flash-forwards in season 4?
Yes. And there will be flashbacks, too. The question is, how forward will the flash-forwards go? And who will they focus on? (Typical for LOST writers, eh? Answering with another question, LOL. God love 'em.)

* Will Jack and Claire find out they're related?
(Bell ring) Translation? Cuse and Lindelof didn't have the answer yet.
But don't let this bum you out. They told us that big plot turns have definitely been mapped out--including what the island is.
This led to them addressing all the filler that seemed to pop up in seasons 2 and 3. As you can probably guess, since they never knew how long the series was going to last, they had to do some "tap dancing," even though they knew when certain huge moments were going to happen (say, in the season 3 finale, etc.). That's not a problem anymore since ABC has announced that LOST will be on for three more seasons that will contain sixteen episodes each. Good deal.

A note about the season 3 finale flash-forward: What we saw with Kate and Jack is not the end of the show! There's a whole chapter that takes place after they get off the island. They said that the show was never about them getting off the island anyway.

* Where's Michael?
(Here's the big spoiler that has already been covered on the Internet.)
This question was awesomely answered when Harold Perineau himself walked on stage. The audience freaked out. Cuse and Lindelof told us that Harold P. left as part of the show's design--he was always meant to come back, and he'll be a series regular in season 4! They said it was hard to keep this under their hats, especially since Harold P. had other artistic projects to schedule. Harold P. himself didn't even know what was really happening.
But he'll be back, and the poo is sure to hit the fan.

* Then a very smart woman asked them what they think the audience should be asking. Cuse had a few suggestions, such as "Who's in the coffin?" (Ding! No answer.) "Who's on the freighter just off the island?" (Ding.) "Who are the skeletons from season 1?" and "Are Kate and Jack the only ones who get off the island?" (Ding. Ding.)

* In season 1, when Hurley saw someone falling off the building, was that Locke?

* What's going on with Libby?
They're planning to get to her story in season 4. Yes! And they're really excited about what's in store for us. Plus, they hinted that she really does have something to do with the Dharma Initiatve.

An aside: Rosseau's flashback will be happening soon, and it'll be extremely important.

They closed out the session with a truly strange "restored film that was recently found." (Did I just describe this as strange? Par for the course, LOL.) I found a good recap of what was in it on, and let me tell you I needed the help recapping this because I didn't see some of the subtleties.

"The session ended with a new Dharma orientation film. It’s for the “Orchid Station.” The man who identified himself in previous Dharma media as Mark Wickmund and Marvin Candle now calls himself “Edward Allawitz.” Allawitz apologizes for deceiving people with regard to the nature of the station’s research, which does not concern botany. Allawitz holds up a rabbit marked “15.” A nearby shelf is marked “16.” A small earthquake ensues. End of film."

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Eric said...

Sounds like a fun time. I love those kinds of events though I have not been to a Con since they screened the teaser for the original Batman (Michael Keaton) Norwescon some time in the 80s.
Say Hello to Wil Wheaton and meet the guy thats does Questionable Content and one I discovered and read all of yesterday Short Packed.
Found your blog off of Reel Fanatic
Have fun

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Awesome, Eric! I really enjoy Reel Fanatic, and welcome to the Con report. I'll bet that original BATMAN teaser was amazing. Remember the days when comic book movies were few and far between?

I'll see if Wil Wheaton shows up, and I'll look up this SHORT PACKED.