Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gearing Up for the Con

I finally seriously went through the Comic-Con, San Diego, workshop schedule for Thursday--not Friday, Saturday, or Sunday right now because it takes a long time to read the descriptions, think about them, and decide where I want to be and at what time. Besides, without fail, my preliminary scheduling *always* gets messed up after the first full day because I change my mind about what I want or I get tired of studios pimping their movies or whatever. So it's a waste of time if I schedule beyond Thursday right now.


Thursday used to be my favorite day at the Con because it was always so relaxed and quiet, and all the solid, philosophical craft and industry panels would lead up to the weekend's big-industry Hollywood movie schilling. (Not that I don't love that part of the Con, but it's exhausting and kind of gross because it reminds me that I'm not above being swayed by the mere presence of movie stars.) For the past couple of years, Hollywood has infringed on Thursdays and now there's barely even any room for the "real" reason for the existence of this convention. Slowly, the comic dealers are getting less room on the exhibitor floor and on the workshop schedule, and I don't like that. Sure, I'm always a sucker for those Hollywood presentations, but I do love a good balance--and that balance has certainly been tipped.

I think I have a decent mix on Thursday though. This is how things look for now:
- Start off on the massive, buzzing dealer's floor to see how much money I can spend on stuff I don't really need.
- Wander up to the DC COUNTDOWN panel at 12:15 since I'm reading the series.
-Mosey on over to the yawning-huge Hall H (holds over 6,500 people) at 1:30 to catch the Paramount presentation. How can I resist this line up: Indiana Jones, BEOWULF, J.J. Abrams, and Neil Gaiman? (I'm hoping J.J. will have something to say about the Cloverfield Project....)
- Bop over to "Where Did THAT Come From?", a panel on which authors talk about their darkest ideas. Could be therapy for me.
- And best of all...the LOST panel. Like I'm going to miss this.

I suppose it all depends on how crowded things are and what I can get in to. As I said, yesteryear's Thursdays were mellow, and you could do anything you wanted. But starting last year, lines started to form. Yuck.

At any rate, I'm stoked and ready....

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