Friday, July 20, 2007

Why So Bummed?

This morning while checking email and scanning the headlines from all my regularly visited Web sites, I lingered over the Ain't It Cool News pages, as usual. But something weird happened to me today.

One of those entertainment headlines brought me down.

It was nothing awful or sad or disturbing. In fact, it was good news: yet another vampire movie is heading into production. This story is called THE PASSAGE, and it looks like it's going to be based on a book that hasn't even been fully written yet. The plot involves a government-experiment-gone-wrong that produces mean, bad-ass vamps in a post-apocolyptic world.

Great tidings for us vampire/horror fans, eh? We're getting a lot vamp stuff, including 30 DAYS OF NIGHT (which I'm dying to see) and PRIEST (okay, dying for this one, too). Vamps are exploding all over the place.

And that's what is bumming me out. (Prepare for some whining.) Frankly, I wish it were my own stories getting the green light, and if I were ever lucky enough to have something optioned, I'm afraid that the craze for vampires will have played itself out. You know how long it takes for movies to happen.

Isn't that a silly piece of mild depression? What's my deal?

This same thing used to happen when I was newly published and struggling to build more of a career. I would walk into a book store and torture myself by thinking, "Why can't that be one of my books on the new release shelf? Why can't I have a trade-size release with a cartoon cover? Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" I would sit there and wither from envy.

Maybe that's not a bad thing though. Envy can be a foundation for ambition if it's tempered and focused. Envy lights a fire under a person's butt and you can either sit there and keep whining--resulting in a useless burn--or you can use the heat to propel you.

So you know what I feel like doing, even though I need to be writing a chapter today? I want to get the movie ball rolling by writing treatments for a few of my stories. Why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And I suspect that Comic-Con will just add more heat to this fire. And as soon as I get some time, I'm going to do it. I will, I will, I will! (Still, I'd better write that down so it becomes a definite thing-to-do.)

In the meantime, off I go to write the second chapter for the sequel to THE ULTIMATE BITE. The first chapter was quite sassy, and I wonder if it's too dark or "out there" for a Blaze. We'll see....

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