Wednesday, August 01, 2007


And more from Comic-Con….

Just a short blog about the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA panel. As you know, I think this show is absolutely amazing: the writing, the acting, the world-building, and the ruminations about humanity as told through the veiled darkness of a different society…. All of it is so well-thought-out and unsettling, and sometimes even beautiful. This is actually the most emotional show I watch, and I’m sad/happy that this is the last season. Sad because it won't be there for me any more. Happy because they’re going out in peak form.

Mary McDonnell (the most kick-ass president ever, Laura Roslin), Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck), and Tricia Hefler (Number Six), plus Ronald Moore and David Eick, etc., were the featured panel people. The festivities got started with a funny montage featuring the BG women and the word “frak,” which can’t be said enough, in my opinion.

Here’re some tidbits:

* Moore says that he plans to give an ending to each and every character, even though every single plot thread might not be solved.

* Surprise panel guest Lucy Lawless (Yay!) was there to reveal that she’ll be in two or three episodes this season, and her presence will cause quite the s**tstorm.

* On November 24, the RAZOR BG movie will premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel. It won’t be resolving any season 3 cliffhangers, but it’s a bridge between seasons 3 and 4. It’ll jump back and forth between lots of backstory that sets up season 4 and will show the original Cylon centurions and raiders.

I cannot wait for this series to come back....

My next blog is going to cover the preview for the BIONIC WOMAN, and that’ll complete my Con reports. Until then, have a great one!

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