Monday, August 27, 2007


I'll admit it: when BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER ended its seven season run on TV, I felt somewhat bereft. Where would I now get my weekly dose of slayer snark? Was there another character out there who would intrigue me so much with her smarts, her troubles, her so-downright-stubborn-she-frustrates-the-tar-out-of-me attitude?

Luckily, after BUFFY's televised demise, a lot of shows seemed to take the Girl Power thing and run with it. They took BUFFY's meta-culture vibe, too, and used it to some great effect. Heck, even GREY'S ANATOMY sounds like a trio of Buffys are interning in Seattle. The dialogue has had that much of an impact. (And it doesn't hurt that the staff writers have branched out to shows all over the tube. This is a great thing.)

Still, I missed the Buffster. I wondered what became of her after that last, explosive episode. What happened with the Scoobs? How did all the deaths affect them? And in the big picture, how did the emergence of all those other slayers color the world (and more importantly, how did they tip the scales of good versus evil?)

Well, Joss Whedon evidently knew, and via the BUFFY SEASON EIGHT comic books, we get to see how everything would've played out on the small screen.

I have to tell you: every time a new issue comes out, I put it aside, wanting so badly to read it, yet fearing the moment the installment ends. Each publication is that much of a gem, filled with the usual snappy dialogue and action. (In fact, oftentimes, I'll put the issue down right in the middle of a panel because I'm reveling in, say, one of Xander's quips or one of Buffy's "sidebars.") And an unexpected bonus? The comic goes off on little paths that stray from the main Buffy action. For instance, the last issue concerned a Buffy decoy who risks her life so that our head slayer can take care of business elsewhere. The story was a powerful one, filled with deeper meaning and emotion--but what else would you expect from this production team?

Oh, and another bonus? Faith is going to be featured in the next story arc. AWESOME.

Even if you're "not into comic books," you should go for this. I promise--it won't mark you as a geek forever. :)


Celise said...

Hey! I'm a Buffy fan too and was totally lost when it ended. Thanks for update

Crystal Green's Blog said...

You bet, Celise! I'm waiting until Sept. 5, when the next issue comes out. And I can't wait until RIPPER finally comes on TV (although it'll be a bit of a wait)!