Monday, September 24, 2007

HEROES, 9/24

So what did you all think of the premiere? Aside from David Anders (and, rest assured, we will get to him), I was mildly pleased. After the “explosive” events from the finale, I did expect there to be more of a fallout, but with the four-months-later cushion, it felt as if we missed some resulting drama. I even wondered for a time why it seemed as if these characters, most of who felt a sense of isolation because of their emerging powers, hadn’t stayed together to try to figure them out. Later in the show, we saw that some of them do stay in contact, though I’m not sure where Niki is in all this. Looks like we’ll find out next week.

As always, here’re my stream-of-consciousness babblings:

- One of the first scenes we’re treated to is Maya and Alejandro (wha? who?) booking it down some dusty street in L.A….er…Honduras. I immediately think, “Whoa—new characters right now? Before we jump into more storylines, I would like to know if Peter and Nathan really exploded, please.”

- Awwwww for HRG and Claire. They became my faves last year (again, they’re the heart of this series, IMHO). Do you all think Claire’s going to have a story similar to Clark Kent’s in the first seasons of SMALLVILLE? (Jeph Loeb works on that series, too.) Looks like she’s going to have to deal with hiding her powers in the hell of high school as well as put up with at least one freak of the week (and…we’ll get to him later, as well).

- Matt Parkman! Has he truly gone from most annoying character to badass Psycop and cool pseudo-daddy?

- I catch my first glimpse of The Beard and I shudder. I cannot help but think there’s a colony of raging superinsects in there.

- Now…THE MOMENT ARRIVES. I can tell by the way the masked man moves—sleek, bad-boy, spy-like—it’s our Sarkie. And when he removes that mask…
EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Mask-whipping-offage has never ever caused such a nationwide hot flash, I’ll bet. Hiro puts his glasses on in a double take and I must laugh. Comedy gold—can you guys see it in the future for these two? The only drawback so far is having to read the subtitles while Kensei/Sark/Anders is on screen. I do not appreciate being deprived of even a moment of basking in a visage I have missed so much.

- Oh, my heart… To see HRG reduced to this job. Ouch.

- And, yes, we have the British accent from Anders! HOT! (Trivia for non-ALIAS fans: David Anders is from, like, Oregon or something, but he used the Brit accent in ALIAS. The return of it is a gift, my friends. A gift. )

- Quote of the night? Gramma Petrelli to Hiro’s daddy, her voice hinting at a dominatrix-like subtext: “Let me see it.”
I know, I know. But didn’t anyone else go, “Heh,” and then get all embarrassed at themselves because they realized they’d never gotten out of the sixth grade?

- Also, when the uppity “peasant” girl (sure, like she’s not Princess Leia) slapped Kensei, did anyone think, “He’s Captain Jack Sparrow! Savvy?”? And when Hiro was trying to talk Kensei into helping, surely someone else was flashing back to Luke Skywalker bargaining with Han Solo after they broke into the guard station at the Death Star and they found out the princess was being held prisoner on the base. Having said all that, even if I didn’t have a girl woody for David Anders, I’d still be digging this character. He’s a breath of fresh air in an episode that was mostly business.

- What a taut Bennett family dinner until Mom embarked upon her faintly disturbing Mr. Muggles commentary.

- Yikes for the weird obsessed voyeur kid who seemed like a possible boyfriend for Claire. Please tell me they aren’t going to have a relationship after that.

- Do you all think the murderer is someone we know or another new character? Looked like a guy, didn’t it?

So it ends up that the previews they showed us during the HEROES panel at Comic-Con weren’t a fake out in any way. From David Anders taking off his mask (I’m dyin’ here) to Peter shading his eyes from the light entering his cell (AKA Karm’s love dungeon) they gave us the real deal.

Looking forward to next week to see how Peter’s identity is in that box….


Celise said...

I was interested in seeing Micah, Nikki and DL. Suresh looked good, as always. And Peter w/ the shaved head and the ball of light? I'm really glad to see he lost the bankgs. I was kinda sick of him flippin'em back all the time.

And I think West is going to be Claire's new love interest because they showed a preview and it looked they were kissing.

As for Sark. I'm not salivating over him as much as you, but despite the accent, his Japanese accent is perfect. It's kinda funny that he's this hero..and he's white!! How come no one knew this? Too funny.

Did you watch "Chuck?"

Crystal Green's Blog said...

I was really happy to see that Suresh (who is indeed lookin' good)isn't bumbling and mumbling about any more. He seems like he's going to be a bit of a stud; that's an arc that I'm enjoying.
I wonder if Peter's going to get his scar in this "prison"?
I'm pretty creeped out by West. That wasn't a great start to their romance for me, LOL.
I'm thinking that Sark Kensei is going to be usurped by a Hiro Kensei, who goes back in time to fix everything Sark Kensei messed up. I'm hoping this will throw Sark Kensei into the present world and give him a HUGE storyline. :)

I saw CHUCK. Loved CHUCK. Will definitely be watching CHUCK.
Did you like it?

Karmela said...

Okay. O-fucking-kay!!! Ho-wow. Sark in ancient Japanese battle armor. Sark speaking Japanese. Sark with an almost Wentworth Miller haircut. Sark ripping off my clothes and using his "sword" on me. Oh, wait. That didn't happen on the show.


Five minutes into the show, I was thinking, Where the holy fuck is Peter????? They better show him soon! But, but but but, all the Sark-scenes made up for the Peter Absence. It really did. Now I couldn't care less about Bangs Boy(note to self: release him from Love Dungeon and capture Sarky instead. Don't forget to abscond with Japanese armor and sword). I know, I'm so fickle. If only they showed a full=frontal shot of Shirtless(!) Peter!

And YOU, my dear Chris, are the cutest, geekiest eleven-year old boy that ever lived! All those Star Wars flashbacks! I didn't get it at all while I was watching the show but now that you mention it, I totally see it!

Okay, onto other arcs: Badass Parkman! Grunberg's been working out. The whole Molly thing confused me at first. I was like, "How much time has passed that Parkman now has an 8-year old daughter?" I forgot all about Molly. See what happens Tim Kring when you introduce characters for 5 seconds then yank them away?

Nathan: I totally agree. The beard is home to a hive of maggots.

Mama Petrelli and Papa Hiro: thank god they didn't kiss! There's nothing more ookie than old people kissing. I was so scared of this potential kiss that I couldn't pay attention to what they were saying. I only saw pictures with red drawings on them, then Ando with a BAS (Big-Assed Sword). What happened here?

Mohinder: yaaaaaawn

Cheerleader and Daddy Chearleader: yaaaaaaaaawn. Fuck life and soul. I want more beefcake! Plus I'm more interested in whether Hayden is dating Milo in real life. "Haylo!" Squeee!!!

Karmela said...

Oh, one more thing: the thing that *I* referenced with the whole Sark Arc was...Back to the Future. I'm party geek as well, not (sadly) a full-blood one like you.

And why have you enabled comment moderation? You better not be cleaning up my language!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

LOL, Karm! I'm totally cracking up at your Sark Sword comments. I see I wasn't the only one getting totally hormonal (thank God). And to have Sark take the place of Peter in your love dungeon? WHOA.

I am eleven!!! Although there was a time when I actually matured (like, a few years?), I pretty much regressed once I became a pubbed author. All these Hero's Journey can I *not* think in terms of STAR WARS every minute of the day? ;)

Your post has me dyin', Karm. And re: the post enablement--a couple regular posters couldn't post because of something about blogger, so this enables them.

More Sarkie!

Karmela said...

I completely forgot to mention another geeky HEROES reference. When Hiro realized he messed with the timeline and that his very existence might be in peril, I was like, "Back to the Future!"

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Oh, yes, definitely BACK TO THE FUTURE! That makes me long to watch that first movie again. So, so good.

Celise said...

Watched Chuck. Loved Chuck. I now have a another new show to watch. It kinda reminded me of Jake 2.0. I don't know if you ever heard of that, but it was a shortlived series along the same vein, but it was nanites (or something like that)merged with his DNA after a computer lab explosion. And he already worked for the NSA? as a very low-level computer programmer..who just got "upgraded" (pun intended) to field agent.

Did you watch Bionic Woman? Will you be watching Moonlight tomorrow night?

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Hey, Celise!
You know, I never did watch JAKE 2.0, although I've heard about it. That cute accountant from UGLY BETTY was in it, right?

I saw the BIONIC WOMAN pilot back at Comic-Con when it had another girl playing the sister (she was deaf in the pilot). I was amazed at how much this new, not-deaf sister resembles the lead. Wow. But while I liked the premiere overall, there were some moments that niggled at me. I'm optimistic things will be interesting with the series though, so I'll stick with it--especially because of its BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ties.

And I've been going back and forth on MOONLIGHT. I'm 99.9% sure it's going to get cancelled within five episodes, and I hate to set myself up for yet another series that isn't given the opportunity to find its feet. But I am curious, so I might DVR it after all....