Thursday, September 27, 2007

MIDNIGHT REIGN: In Three Paragraphs or Less

It's a little scary to get your newest cover, but the back cover copy always makes me pay much more attention--especially if the book in question is a mystery. You always want to make sure that the intended audience is teased, not spoiled. With the Vampire Babylon books in particular, this is a huge concern for me, so when I got the back cover copy for MIDNIGHT REIGN, I went over every line, every detail.

Thanks goodness it still gave me goosebumps by the time I got to the last line!

So kudos to the person at Ace who wrote it, and here it is for you to preview....


Stuntwoman Dawn Madison reluctantly returned to Hollywood to find her missing father, Frank. Instead, she found something else beneath the streets of Los Angeles—a thriving society of the undead, one she could never have imagined existed. It’s an erotic and bloody night world that Dawn came to believe cost both her father and her long-dead mother—the glamorous movie star, Eva Claremont—their lives. Still, she and Frank’s friends risked everything, pressing on with the investigation.

Now a new slaying, bearing all the marks of a vampire attack, is luring Dawn farther into the underground and deeper into the twisted lives of those who inhabit it, just as her tenuous alliances in the sunlit world begin shifting ominously. It seems she has only herself to trust and her newfound skills as a hunter to rely on.

But Dawn will find that she is not alone—although some who stand with her, stand only in the shadows…

Praise for Night Rising

“A book to die for.”—Gena Showalter, author of The Nymph King

“If you like your fantasy with an edge, then you’ve struck gold.”—The Eternal Night

“A killer mystery.”—Kelley Armstrong

BTW, in October, I'll be posting the first chapter on my Web sites and continuing to add to that excerpt until MIDNIGHT REIGN is released in February!


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

This sounds fabulous! I can't wait to read it.

Man, I'm going to have to avoid your HEROES posts every week now. We're getting the second season, her in Australia, next Thursday night. So we'll be two eps behind the US. :/ Still, it's better than being six months behind!

Have a great day!

Crystal Green's Blog said...

Thanks so much, Y!
And how frustrating about the time lag. But feel free to comment whenever you want! I actually watched it again last night (Okay, I fast forwarded through a lot of the Claire stuff and lingered on David Anders, what can I say?) and I could actually write another blog about it, LOL. I won't, but I could.
You have a great one, too. :)

Karmela said...

Again, you look absolutely fantastic on your cover. I bet the hair and makeup people didn't even spend more than two minutes primping you for your cover shoot.

Crystal Green's Blog said...

LOL, Karm! Yes, living this double life as an author/model isn't as hard as you'd think. ;)