Saturday, September 22, 2007

More new TV

I forgot to tell you guys that I saw an early screener of CHUCK (You might be able to, also, if you have certain On Demand offerings. This was under FreeZone for Cox Communications.).

In short, I kinda loved it.

See, Chuck is a member of the Nerd Herd, which means he's one of those guys in white shirts and ties who fixes computers for a living. But through a strange series of events, he "downloads" a bunch of images into his head, and those images turn out to be super secret spy stuff. Then these secret organizations bear down on him because Chuck is pretty much their secret keeper now. I thought the characters were really fun, and there's a real sense of intrigue mixed with a pleasant amount of goofiness. I'll be watching this one.

I also saw KITCHEN NIGHTMARES, which I mentioned in my blog the other day. (Premise? Hellfire Man Gordon Ramsay tries to save a restaurant that's going under. Simple yet effective.) I've been a big fan of the original from the BBC because it showed that Chef Ramsay can be really decent, and it was heartwarming to see how much the people he interacted with cared about their restaurants and the food they wanted to serve.

As you can imagine, the American version has been given every bell and whistle imaginable, from the idiotic background music that makes sure the audience knows just how dorky the "characters" are to the clownish "villains" in each restaurant that give us someone to guffaw at. I hate those parts of this program, but what still remains are a few people who are still deeply invested in their restaurant and Gordon Ramsay, who is waaaaaaaaay cooler in this program than on HELL'S KITCHEN. I'm hoping they tone down that circus music and rely on the premise itself, because I think the producers would be surprised at how even us animals in America can respond positively to a less insulting version.
Still, I like seeing how each restaurant improves, and I'll be there for that.

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