Thursday, September 20, 2007

The TV Season Starteth

Was any one else caught off guard the other night when PRISON BREAK premiered? I mean, it's probably not like your life is centered around TV programming (eh-um), but this one managed to sneak up on me, at least.

In fact, this week sort of snuck up. But I'll certainly be prepared for next week, which offers a slew of returning shows (HEROES!) as well as ones I've been really waiting for.

Back to PRISON BREAK. Last year wasn't so great; it just lost a little momentum for me, even though I loved the addition of that whacky Agent Mahone. I'm kind of stoked that the prison scenario is back. Yes, it's hugely contrived, but how fun is it for Michael to be stuck unprepared in a looking-glass horror show like this? He's now in a prison where the inmates are literally running things: the place is so bad that the guards deserted it last year, and it is a dog-eat-dog world in there. It's satisfying to see the eeeeeevil Bellick (the guard who terrorized the inmates the first year) dragging along in his undies and slinking through the shadows to eek out a survival.
Oh, and newsflash? Michael is still a hottie.

Last night I caught two new shows. KID NATION, which has been surrounded by controversy, was a nice little surprise. Although some of the kids are obviously playing to the camera, I think it's interesting to see how they're reacting to being put into "classes" (upper class, merchants, cooks, laborers) and how they'll react to this social structure while running a ghost town more or less by themselves. I don't know how scripted this is, but there are already a few kids who've proved themselves to be pretty awesome, and that's always cool to see.

Then there was GOSSIP GIRL, and I think the best part about this show is Kristen Bell's teasing voiceover (She provides the frame as an anonymous Internet gossip hound who seems to know the scoop about the most elite students at an upper crust New York private school). Otherwise, I'm not sure there'll be enough to interest me, as the love shenanigans have a been-there-done-that feel.

Taped last night?
* AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL, which is such fun that I wring my hands and laugh wickedly whenever I think about it
* KITCHEN NIGHTMARES, which is probably going to tick me off because I love the BBC version and its Gordon-Ramsay-ain't-such-a-bad-guy-after-all vibe. This version looks like it exploits his temper a lot more.
* TOP CHEF, which is a summer program but I'm mentioning it because I'm a food slut.
* REAL WORLD, SYDNEY, which makes me be so very happy to have my life.

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