Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Warrior

This was one of those weekends where nothing seemed like work, but I got a lot done. The most noteworthy thing to blog about was the workshop I put on for the Orange County RWA chapter. They had invited me to speak, and I pulled out my favorite presentation, "Pied Piping the Muse."

Basically, it's a workshop that uses music to get writers into a deep zone for brainstorming. I used the process with my students when I was an eighth grade teacher, and every time I give the presenation now, it feels pretty effective for the audience. They walk out of the meeting with workable story ideas, and I've had people approach me months afterward to share that they've written or started a book based on what we did.

Those are feel-good moments, and they eclipses all my stagefright and the whole pre-presentation what-the-heck-am-I-putting-myself-through mood. Even though I stood in front of a classroom for a few years, that doesn't mean I ever got over being nervous!

Now it's back to my work in progress, SECOND CHANCE GROOM, with the firefighter hero. I've got five chapters to go....

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